Keeping Up with Trend-Setting Hampton Creek

Although food manufacturer, Hampton Creek, has only been in business for five years, it has started trends that are being picked up by other food manufacturers. That can only be a good thing for consumers who are looking for healthier foods that are cost-effective, tasty, and environmentally-friendly. Research, development, and advanced food technology, have combined to pave the way for ordinary plants to be used in extraordinary ways. Canadian peas, for example, were used to create an egg substitute, and a healthier substitute for mayonnaise.

Many other manufacturers are also looking to plants to provide sustainable ingredients that require no genetically modified organisms, no artificial ingredients, and no animal products. Vegetarians, people with food allergies, vegans, those who prefer to be gluten-free, and people wanting to stay away from chemicals and preservatives, can look forward to other products to hit the market as competition increases. That will also help to keep pricing down, allowing average people to afford to add healthier foods to their regular grocery shopping lists.

Comparing ingredients among new products is an important habit for shoppers to develop. Shoppers should educate themselves so they understand what ingredients actually are, and where they are derived. Sorghum, for example, may appear to be an artificial ingredient at first glance, but it is actually a healthy grain. Fenugreek, another example, is a medicinal plant, but is also used in spice blends and imitation maple syrup. Most websites of food manufacturers will be very helpful in providing information regarding natural ingredients.

Many plant-based ingredients, such as grains, roots, and even some weeds, require less land and water to grow than overused plants, like corn, for example. That will reduce the carbon footprint of production, which will also help reduce consumer costs. None of those benefits will be realized, if the products do not taste great. Some people are reluctant to even try healthier foods, so there is little chance that they will continue to use them if they are not delicious. Search grocery stores, food warehouse outlets, and health food stores for options, and keep trying different products. As more and more become available, it is more likely the family will be able to find a brand and a product that they will enjoy.