Recent Events Involving Hampton Creek

People who have followed the upstart plant-based food company Hampton Creek know that recent Hampton Creek News has been a bit of a mixed bag. There’s a great deal of good in it, as well as an interesting twist on events of the past. Some of the good news is their products are expanding to offer more than their popular Just Mayo product. However, a recent legal battle has developed into a rather interesting story as well.

When Hampton Creek released its most well-known product, Just Mayo, it was followed by a lawsuit brought on by food giant Unilever. The lawsuit claimed that Hampton Creek couldn’t use the term “mayo” as their product contained none of the ingredients the FDA considered to be necessary in mayonnaise. Eventually, Unilever dropped to this lawsuit.

However, the FDA continued to look closely at the Just Mayo product. This raised concerns that the FDA would rule that Hampton Creek couldn’t use the mayonnaise term because it was missing key ingredients. In the end, the FDA did allow Hampton Creek continue using the mayonnaise moniker.

What is most interesting about this story is that in recent weeks, Unilever introduced a plant-based mayonnaise condiment of their own. This was seen as an attempt to take away Hampton Creek’s market share.

Fortunately, these concerns were somewhat dispelled by a closer look into Hampton Creek’s long-term plans. While Hampton Creek is known best for its Just Mayo product, this company never intended to know for one product only. This is easy to see in the types of products that they have released, and the lineup of roughly 43 new products that have nothing to do with sandwich condiments. With cake mixes, pancake mixes, brownie mixes as well as salad dressings, the fear of Unilever taking away their mayonnaise market share isn’t something that is too concerning.

Companies that battle one another, whether it’s in the food, automotive or the technological industry, is nothing new. There’s always competition, and when a company sees a particular market that they’re not involved in, they typically take steps to be involved in one way or another. Such is the case with a company like Unilever. However, with the vision that Hampton Creek has for a wide variety of plant-based food products, competition or not, it’s not likely to slow down this company one bit.

Setting Standards for Purchasing Packaged Foods

Many people don’t think a lot about the type of packaged foods they pick up in the supermarket. If the food happens to be something the family likes and the price is right, it gets tossed into the shopping cart. There’s a better way to make choices about packaged foods—one that is based on more than convenience and price. Here are some suggestions on how to set standards for these types of foods and get more out of what it served at the dinner table.

Adding Variety to Meals

It’s easy to get into a rut and serve the same old thing from week to week. There’s nothing wrong with using packaged foods that the family happens to enjoy regularly, but a little variety is a good thing. Choosing to cycle in something different now and then provides the opportunity to expand those culinary horizons and discover new entrees and side dishes that everyone likes. A wider variety means more choices when the time comes to prepare a meal.

Reducing the Number of Questionable Ingredients

A quick look at the list of ingredients found on the packaging is enough to make people pause and think. How many of those ingredients are things that people can pronounce, much less understand? Think of how nice it would be to readily recognize most of the ingredients found in a salad dressing, a condiment, or some sort of prepare entree.

The Nutritional Content

So many packaged foods provide quite a lot of empty calories and relatively little in the way of vitamins and minerals. Wouldn’t it be nice to spend money on foods that actually provided a reasonable amount of nutrition? While this is important for anyone, people who need to follow certain diets due to chronic health issues or allergies must be especially mindful of how much nutrition they get from every bite.

For people who are ready to make some changes in the way they choose foods for their families, take a moment and check out the options found at Hampton Creek today. Look closely at the way the foods are manufactured and what they offer in the way of nutrition. After trying a few of these products, the idea of purchasing anything else will be out of the question.

Why Is Hampton Creek Working to Make Sustainable Production Choices That Benefit the Environment?

Many food manufacturers have lost the public’s trust because they are not forthright in their production and do not honestly reveal the ingredients being used in their products. Although one would think the vegan food industry would be more open and honest, this is not always the case. Unfortunately, many food producers today use chemical products and fillers that are unhealthy. Many products contain animal byproducts that not only harm the environment but are also unhealthy for humans to consume on a regular basis. Because of this, Hampton Creek sought from the very beginning to be completely open and honest in every step they take in producing their vegan food line.

Realizing the use of animal products is greatly harming the environment, they sought to create sustainable food ingredients that were healthy and offered the same delicious tastes as non-vegan foods. With Hampton Creek’s environmentally friendly foods, the vegan food industry is slowly making changes. Hampton Creek has been so successful in their own food line, they are now encouraging others due to sheer competition. Now that consumers all over the world are demanding higher quality and healthier foods, other companies have had no choice but to rise to the challenge of Hampton Creek.

What started out as a Just Mayo line has recently grown to include many more products. In fact, Hampton Creek recently announced they would be adding up to 43 new vegan food products to their lineup. They also announced they are working on as many as 500 other food products. In their work, they have researched thousands of plants to learn about their properties and how they can used in food production. Their greatest breakthrough came in the form of a pea protein they were able to successfully use to create an egg substitute that could be used to create mayo, dressings, and a host of baked goods.

As Hampton Creek continues to strive for perfection in vegan food production, they hope other food producers will continue to rise to the challenge and change the way they produce food, along with the ingredients they use. If you would like to learn more about their initiative, check them out on Facebook or their website.

Settling Down Between Fresh Or Frozen Food Items For Your Seafood Cafe

A seafood restaurant may perhaps be one of the more tricky kinds of establishments to really start and operate. Even though these specific types of organizations may usually attract heaps of customers, entrepreneurs could certainly have difficulty maintaining the actual business aspect. The key problem entrepreneurs will need to work with is actually deciding upon precisely what meals they may serve and the places they are going to buy it.

Seafood restaurant business owners really need to determine whether they should purchase their food items fresh or frozen. Even though this might not exactly appear to be a huge deal, both business owners and also seafood lovers seriously recognize the actual differentiation among those two solutions. Fresh seafood is typically overwhelmingly favored well over fresh foods as it is commonly far more tasty. On the other hand, even though frozen food items may be kept for a few days, fresh shrimp ordinarily ought to be received every day. An individual could click here to read about the various disparities amongst fresh and frozen seafood.

It really is up to the actual business owners of seafood eateries to seek out an affordable strategy for providing their cafes with top quality food solutions. In an effort to accomplish that, proprietors will probably need to work hard as a way to establish trusting and also rewarding working relationships with numerous companies. Without any of these friendships a seafood cafe cannot hold and expand.

There are actually many positive aspects and drawbacks connected with both fresh or frozen fish and shellfish. For example, it was noted that fresh food from the ocean is usually regarded as a lot more delicious. Nonetheless, it is also true that fresh foods are more costly than frozen foods and for that reason might trouble both the manager and also the potential customers. Frozen foods are less overpriced compared with frozen food from the ocean however is not always as scrumptious. Look at this web site so as to know much more pertaining to these variances.

A person could nonetheless open and create a booming seafood eatery whenever they make the appropriate moves. Once again, there are some enormous distinctions involving frozen fish and fresh bass. A lot of customers want fresh seafood as it typically will taste superior. In order for an expensive restaurant manager to fulfill their very own customers they should need to uncover the best providers willing to give the right deals. You possibly can take a look at this informative post should you be looking to start up your very own fish eating place in the foreseeable future.

Tips for Using Just Mayo for Your Favorite Recipes

Those who are vegan often have a difficult time making some recipes that traditional meat eaters enjoy. One of the biggest problems over the years has been finding an egg substitute that would actually allow one to make a delicious mayo. When HamptonCreek founders realized this need, they immediately began working on plant research to ensure they could create a product that would fill this large gap in the vegan food market. This is when their Just Mayo line was born.

Just Mayo looks like regular mayonnaise and tastes even better. Using a special pea protein, they were able to create an egg substitute that has amazed vegans all over the world. This pea protein is a crucial ingredient in their Just Mayo line, allowing them to create a rich and creamy mayo product that fools even those who are not vegans. Their lineup of Just Mayo products now offers many flavors which include original, garlic, and sriracha. This opens up a vast world of taste possibilities to use in a variety of recipes.

These mayos can be used to create:

  • Salad dressings – They recommend using most of the bottle of mayo and then adding in other ingredients to create a dressing. This ensures every last dollop of delicious mayo is used and allows for more use from the bottle before it is recycled.
  • Vanilla or chocolate cupcakes – These become deliciously moist when made with original Just Mayo. With just a few ingredients, one can create a delicious recipe that can be enjoyed by everyone, even if they are not vegan.
  • Guacamole – This delicious dip is perfect for any occasion. Some gorgeous avocados, fresh cilantro, Just Mayo, garlic, and a hint of salt is all you need to create a delicious topping for potatoes, or to use with pita chips. Imagine the possibilities!

With Just Mayo, you can now create all those delicious recipes you were once unable to because of no proper egg substitute. If you have not yet tried this delicious mayo line, you are urged to do so. Whether you are vegan or a meat eater, the taste will have you coming back for more.

Learn More About Hampton Creek at

Hampton Creek is a food technology company that produces and sells plant-based food products with the intent of combating agricultural practices like egg farming that harm the environment.

The founders of the company, Josh Balk and Joshua Tetrik, started the company in 2011 in order to address problems they perceived in global food production. Factory farming methods, especially those involving poultry, require a large expense in resources and damage the environment through water and soil contamination.

Balk and Tetrik wanted to make food that was cheaper, more accessible, healthier, and better for the environment. They began by coming up with a plant-based substitute for eggs.

Hampton Creek continues to put a great deal of research into a variety of plant-based proteins that can serve the same purpose as eggs in a recipe, to bind the ingredients.

Through their research, they are also creating a massive database that catalogues the various plant species they investigate. They use the data to identify which ones have properties that could work as substitutes for eggs and for other ingredients they hope to replace.

The company specializes in dressings and baked goods. Their main products are Just Mayo, a vegan mayonnaise, and Just Cookies, a vegan cookie or cookie dough. These products are notably produced without eggs, but rather use an egg substitute powder made from a type of yellow pea. Hampton Creek is currently expanding its product line to include several flavor varieties of Just Mayo and other baking mixes as well.

The company looks to a future where many processed food ingredients, like MSG, sugar, dyes, and trans fats, can be replaced by low-cost plant-based substitutes.

Hampton Creek is an ever-growing business. At this time, their products are sold in a wide range of stores including Kroger, Walmart, Costco, and Whole Foods Market. A recent agreement with Compass Foods will elevate Hampton Creek’s visibility and availability as they are slated to become Compass Foods sole provider of dressings and baking mixes.

If you want learn more about Hampton Creek and the recent development involving Compass Foods, you can read about it at

Discover The Benefits Of Organic Green Tea

Now is the perfect time to try organic tea from Kiss Me Organics. It is an affordable supplement that is all natural and safe. It provides countless health benefits for the body and is very simple and easy to prepare. Many people report that they feel increased energy as they continue to take this supplement on a consistent basis. It contains antioxidants that help the body to fight age related diseases. This supplement will improve skin and hair health and also increases concentration. Organic green tea powder can give the body a steady stream of all natural and safe energy. This energy source usually lasts about 4 to 6 hours.

Green tea powder is an excellent alternative for those who want to stop their addiction to coffee and energy drinks that contain excessive sugar. It is an excellent option for those who are ready for an all natural way to boost energy throughout the day. Many people report excellent weight loss results as they continue to take this all natural supplement on a daily basis. It will help to push the body to burn calories faster and boost metabolism. It is an excellent supplement for those who want to increase the ability to focus and concentrate on important tasks throughout the day.

Green tea powder can be prepared in several different ways. It arrives in a container that is resealable. This adds an extra convenience to ensure that every member of the family can customize the amount they need for each recipe. This unique powder can be baked into a cupcake or muffin. It can be brewed or scooped into a favorite drink. Countless recipes are available for those who want to be creative and try new and unique preparation ideas. This safe and natural supplement offers multiple health benefits for the entire body.

Organic green tea is an excellent supplement for those who desire extra energy throughout the day. It is completely safe and natural and does not cause jitters or feelings of shakiness like other energy drinks provide. It is a unique energy source that is natural and safe. This supplement is an affordable option for those who want to access all of the benefits that green tea has to offer.