Finding Affordable and Delicious Healthy Food Options

Those who have decided that healthy food options taste like the boxes they came in should give some newer products a try. Advances in food technology, and better ingredients, have allowed manufacturers to greatly improve the quality, texture, and taste of healthier foods. Plant-based main ingredients, like pea proteins and sorghum, for examples, are healthier and more cost effective than traditional ingredients such as eggs, processed sugar, and artificial ingredients. The result is several healthier food products that are affordable and delicious.

Previous alternatives to mayonnaise were dry and chalky or thin in texture without much taste. Oils instead of eggs did not translate well into a satisfying sandwich spread or a creamy dip. Pea proteins are a great alternative to eggs for a mayonnaise substitute because they have a creamy consistency and taste the same as mayonnaise filled with cholesterol and fat. The peas also provide a base for thick and creamy salad dressings in many flavors such as ranch, thousand island, Caesar, and French, among others.

Sorghum is a grain that is naturally sweet and gluten free. Placing it in cookie dough eliminates the need for eggs, preservatives, artificial ingredients, animal products, and excess sugar. The taste is great, and the dough can be used to bake cookies or as a snack right from the jar. It is also a great binding agent, so it can be used in dessert mixes, pancakes, and muffins. People can satisfy their craving for sweets and comfort food without putting on weight or subjecting their bodies to chemicals.

Newer health food options are affordable because plant-based ingredients are more cost-effective to grow and process than eggs and other animal products. Less land, water, and energy are used to produce a mayonnaise substitute than it takes to produce traditional mayonnaise. Lower pricing means healthier options are available to people in any income bracket. Accessibility has also improved. Neighborhoods without a health food store have products available at grocery stores, warehouse food outlets, and big-name department stores. Customers can even click here to get coupons for products. Trying something healthy is easy and cost-effective, and it may just surprise people. Try one or two products to see the difference technology and creativity makes.