You Can Win Your Ex Back with Your Cellphone

Breakups are the hardest and saddest part of the relationship. However, some people are ecstatic about it. Most people would be heartbroken and hung up over their ex-lover. With today’s technology, it could be possible to win your ex-lover back. How? Not stalking your ex-lover’s FaceBook timeline or checking where he/she last tweeted from. Instead, you can text your way back to your ex-lover’s heart. Isn’t that great?

If you are still hung over your ex, you should take a step back. Because you are emotional right now, anything you say wouldn’t come out the way you want it to. Once you send that text message, you can’t take it back. In the old days, people sent letters. This means that they had time to delay bringing it to the post office, and even more days to intercept the letter. With today’s technology, once something is sent, it can’t be taken back. After a breakup, you should wait 30 days before you contact your ex again. In these 30 days you can reflect upon the relationship and what happened.

Once you contact your ex, you do not want to seem clingy. You also don’t want to mention any of your old relationships. Comparing your ex to any of your old exes is a huge no-no. This would only push your ex-lover farther and farther away and ruin your chances of getting him/her back. You could start with small talk – maybe talk about school, work, or even the weather. Then, you want to talk about forgiveness. Everyone makes mistakes. You want to be able to forgive and forget. Your ex will do the same once he/she realizes you did so.

If getting your ex back seems like something you want to do, you should work on contacting him/her 30 days after the breakup. Then, work up a conversation with small talk. You can later ease into your relationship with him/her afterwards. You can use examples from examples from Michael Fiore’s Text Your Ex Back to help you. Breakups don’t have to horrible or sad. There is hope for flame to be rekindled again. Try texting to get your ex back; it could work!