Will Hampton Creek Make the Grade with Consumers?

The nutritional news has been abuzz with info about Hampton Creek. It’s a company that wants to do many things to help the world eat better and also protect the planet itself.

Utilizing plants as a the main staple in the foods themselves, Hampton Creek has created a way to make many everyday products such as a spreadable mayo and cookie dough, just to name a couple, without eggs. The company claims that harvesting and eating eggs are bad for the environment and for human consumption. So, the company has created healthy alternatives.

The question arises as to whether or not consumers will go for it. How does the substitution affect the taste? No matter how healthy something is, it has to taste good if you’re going to eat it. Hampton Creek has taken immeasurable steps in creating foods that consumers will love.

The Just Mayo product created by Hampton Creek contains no eggs. Other well-known mayonnaise products contain eggs. The Just Mayo brand has been blind taste-tested against other brands and has been shown to be more popular as a sandwich spread than the others. It not only has been reviewed to have a great taste, but it contains less of the disease-causing ingredients, such as cholesterol, that is found in other well-established brand products.

Hampton Creek not only cares about what is being consumed by the people, but also shows compassion for the Earth and animals who are inhumanely treated as well. Hampton Creek stands behind the idea that if you don’t use eggs, but focus on plant-based materials in the ingredients, the chickens are spared horrible conditions which often lead to disease in foods due to sickness of the animals.

It seems that Hampton Creek’s solution for a better food product is good for all. The company continued the tradition by creating cookie dough that also lacks animal protein and substitutes plant protein in its place. The result is delicious cookies. If consumers have a choice about whether to choose a great-tasting product that is bad for health or a great-tasting product that is good for health, most would probably choose the better health option.

The company has been in business for three years producing sustainable food products. It seems to be catching on in popularity, as the products can be found on the shelves of well-known supermarkets. The consensus is that Hampton Creek products are here to stay.