Why Are So Many People Drinking to Their Health?

While there are a myriad of beverage choices a person can make, there is one that offers greater health benefits than others. Green tea is a beverage that not only tastes delicious but can also offer high levels of fiber, antioxidants, and chlorophyll. This special tea not only floods the body with healthful ingredients, it also tastes delicious and has a naturally sweet taste that makes it a perfect replacement for unhealthy sodas and other sweet beverages.

When a person drinks a cup of matcha green tea, their body instantly begins to benefit from the high level of antioxidants that are found in the tea. The antioxidants are found in greater numbers than in blueberries and raspberries and contain as much as 137x the amount in traditional tea bag green tea. Much of the increase in health benefits occurs because a person is able to consume the entire leaf instead of throwing much of the health benefits away with the tea bag.

Chlorophyll is also another important component of matcha green tea. Chlorophyll is found in great numbers in matcha because of the special way it is grown. By protecting their plants from the sun, growers force the tea to increase its chlorophyll production. Chlorophyll benefits the health in many ways and is especially beneficial in detoxifying the organs of heavy metals and other toxins.

Matcha green tea also offers beneficial fiber which helps in the digestive process and keeps the colon clean by sweeping the lining of toxins and built up waste. Many studies have proven a routine bowel movement is crucial for keeping the body healthy and free of disease.

While there are many benefits to drinking matcha green tea, many people simply enjoy the rich, sweet taste it offers. This tea is less bitter than traditional green tea and is the perfect accompaniment to any meal or simply for a snack. If you are interested in purchasing this special tea, you can do so through Kiss Me Organics at amazon.co.uk/matcha-green-tea-powder-culinary/dp/B00DDT116M. Visit the link right away and purchase your own bag of matcha green tea so you can drink to your health on a daily basis.