What People Can Learn About Hampton Creek by Regularly Visiting Its Facebook Page

What will people find out about Hampton Creek when they peruse its official Facebook page? They’ll learn what the company is up to in regard to new product production and product placement in stores. They’ll find an abundance of recipes, some of which include the organization’s mayonnaise alternative, Just Mayo. Suggestions for uses for products such as a sauce that’s similar to tartar sauce are welcomed by Hampton Creek fans. The company shares its successes and answers questions and comments from social media users. It tackles questions that aren’t always easy to answer. For instance, when someone asked how truffles for the truffle flavor of Just Mayo were gathered, a little research had to be done to provide a correct reply.

There are even personal moments as well. In April, Hampton Creek’s chief executive officer let everyone know he had needed to say farewell to his beloved golden retriever, Jake. The dog had served as the company’s chief happiness officer since the organization’s inception, and everyone would miss the friendly, cheerful animal. Many pet owners commiserated, knowing how tough it is to lose a dear canine friend.

Most of the time, however, visitors can expect to find uplifting news, information and videos. Contests are announced on occasion, such as one in which people are asked to send in selfies showing them eating a sandwich that contains Just Mayo. Winners would receive a pack of assorted flavors of Just Mayo along with a T-shirt or other swag. As Earth Day approached, Hampton Creek encouraged people to think about activities such as recycling and reusing items, including reusing Hampton Creek containers. Photos of reuse possibilities for Just Mayo jars and the company’s refrigerated cookie dough containers were posted.

Spending a little time on the Facebook page every now and again helps fans build camaraderie with each other and get to know the company itself better. They learn more about the philosophy behind the organization and its goals for the future. They’ll have the low-down on when products will be available in certain stores, including times when items will only be there for a short time. It’s an enjoyable activity for anyone who loves Hampton Creek foods and wants to support the organization’s goals.