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Tips in Preparing the Ingredients for a Chinese Hot Pot Hot pot is one of the most popular dish among Chinese people, and there are also foreigners that appreciate its spicy taste, but for some, this dish is regarded as too spicy. For those folks who reckon that hot pot is just too hot, it is good to know that actually there are various kinds of hot pot and the fiery one is only the Chonqing version. Other variations that are not as hot involve the seafood hot pot in Guandong, the mutton hot pot in Beiking, the beef hot pot in Hong Kong, last but not least, the three flavored hot pot in Hangzhou. China is full of spectacular dishes that boggle the minds of foreigner but what makes the hot pot different among other Chinese dishes tends to be that the diner will be the one to create his own hot pot. The diner is furnished with many different half cooked meats and vegetable, which he or she will then bring to the dining table and prepare appropriately. Both the heat range of the broth and how long the ingredients will be prepared in the broth is determined by the diner, so it absolutely is a novel experience ,specifically for international diners. There are several ways to make the hot pot, and one is to promptly boil it, or boil it for ten seconds. Of course, this depends on the ingredients you are using, so make sure that when you use the instant boil method, you are also using ingredients that are appropriate for this kind of method. Ingredients that work positively with instant boiling include those who have a crisp quality, like lettuce, spinach, and other plants with thin leaves. For ingredients who are denser, it is significantly better to utilize a long boiling time to make sure that it is completely cooked. This comprise ingredients like beef, and mutton cuts.
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Taking notice of the temperature you are making use of to prepare the ingredients is essential given that very strong heat can overcook your ingredients in just a few seconds while a really low heat could possibly leave your ingredients uncooked or could make them too mushy. Chinese hot pot is usually prepared and ingested by making use of chopsticks, but if you are unacquainted at utilizing them, it is a lot better to utilize tools that you are acquainted with in order to prevent mishaps, particularly in the course of a the hot pot.
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Another way of cooking the hot pot is termed as the complete boil. This is where you will heat up the ingredients for a long period and this is perfect for ingredients like meat balls and fish, and particularly mushrooms given that under-cooked mushrooms can normally bring about stomach difficulties.