Using Technology to Get Your Ex Back

Once, or maybe a couple times through our lives, we end a relationship and later realize that our ex may actually have been the one. However, unless you are Robin Thicke, there is a surefire way that you can successfully use technology to score your ex back in your arms, as put forth by author Michael Fiore. This should begin after you have given yourself at least a month to ponder whether you really want your ex back or should move on.

The first sort of text to send your former lover is a small memo just letting them know that they are on your mind. It can involve activities that the significant other used to enjoy, or films/songs that the ex-lover liked. You could say that you caught a commercial for a restaurant that the ex-flame enjoyed, and that it made you think of him/her. This text serves to let your ex know that you still care on some level.

After easing into it, and texting small-talk back and forth a few times, you may now send a text being totally honest about your feelings. Make sure to make it as clear, and concise as possible. Sure, it is awkward, but whether it works or not, you’ll know whether to continue the pursuit, or move on. Plus, you will feel a huge relief.

Finally, if this is successful, the last step with Michael Fiore’s text messages is to close out that date night with a special text. Hopefully, you have scored a chance to rekindle the relationship, and this will likely begin with a night together. After the date, send a text letting your flame know that you enjoyed your time with them. Nothing long, just a simple shout-out telling them that you would like to see them again soon. Maybe reference a high-point of the evening. Here, your foot is in the door, and you can now start over, go cautiously, and improve upon what you had before. Remember not to mention the way your relationship was before; you are starting with a clean slate.

Sometimes it is possible to rekindle a relationship, sometimes it is not. However, with plenty of subtlety, you definitely can if it is meant to be. The important thing to remember is to not go overboard; don’t come off as desperate or insecure, but still try to be perfectly honest.