Use Copper Cups When Making Moscow Mules At Home

A Moscow mule is a cocktail that has been popularized throughout the United States. The drink was created in the 1940’s and received its name by taking inspiration from Russian vodka. The drink has continued to remain a favorite among cocktail enthusiasts. Unlike some other cocktails, the Moscow mule requires some special steps to produce an authentic taste.

Moscow mules have continued to be a popular drink, and the ingredients are relatively simple. A standard Moscow mule recipe may look like the following:

  • 2 oz vodka
  • 1/2 oz ginger beer
  • 1/2 oz lime juice

The ingredients are no different from a standard cocktail recipe. These drinks are entirely affordable to make at home and for guests.

In addition to the above ingredients, however, copper mugs are also essential for creating authentic Moscow mules. Moscow mules have long been served in copper cups since they were first created in the United States. Some people may view the copper cup as a type of memorabilia or old-time aesthetic, but this isn’t the case. The copper inside the cups actually provides an essential element to the drink.

The lime juice inside the Moscow mule creates a type of reaction against the copper. This reaction produces a unique flavor that is often attributed to the Moscow mule. For the right reaction, the cups will need to be 100% copper. People who want to make authentic drinks should make sure that their cups aren’t lined with other metals. Other metals won’t create the right reaction with the lime juice. Likewise, the lime juice will need to be fresh. Anyone who wants to substitute lime juice with lime syrup or concentrate may not have the right reaction occur with the metal.

Some sources even provide evidence that the ginger inside the ginger beer adds to the overall reaction taking place inside the beverage. The yeasts present in ginger root, when mixed with water and sugar, converts into carbon dioxide and ethanol. The alcohol content in ginger beer is typically low. Many enthusiasts for the Moscow mule will request ginger beer over ginger ale for their beverage. Ginger ale is simply a flavored soda, not a brewed substance adding to the familiar reaction inside the Moscow mule.