Unravelling Machu Picchu’s Purpose

Who doesn’t love to solve mysteries much more so if it’s ancient? That’s what the most iconic tourist attraction of Peru Machu Picchu offers to its visitors. Most of the mysteries revolving around the old peak pertain to its real purpose. Come and join me travel back in time to unravel Machu Picchu’s true purpose. Who knows? We might stumble upon some interesting facts.

Sacred Ground – Influenced by older civilizations -as observed from other constructions of the great Incan empire -Machu Picchu is a sacred ground first and foremost. WanderingTrader has a great deal of evidence to prove this. The delicate details in the upper level of the old peak indicate that it was used for religious purposes. After all, Machu Picchu was created in honour of their main god -the Sun together with secondary gods like the moon, mountains, etc. Here’s the interesting part about the place; scientists discovered that its location is at the center of four mountains considered by the Incas as sacred. They are situated miles apart and are located in the four cardinal directions north, south, east, and west respectively. A surprise discovery was that the elevation of Machu Picchu is nearly the same as the peaks of the four mountains! This suggests that the Incas didn’t pick the location of the old peak at random. These people took devotion on a mind-boggling level!

Royal Estate – Below the sacred section (upper level) lays fascinating buildings to which archaeologists concluded to be a royal court or estate of sorts. If you visit Choquequirao, their overall designs are almost identical solidifying the conclusion that the lower level of the old peak was used as a royal recreational centre. No wonder it is called the twin sister of Machu Picchu.

Psychological Warfare – The ones mentioned above pertaining to the purpose of Machu Picchu are all plausible but psychological warfare? Although it might seem far-fetched, it’s actually true! The Picchu was erected by decree of the emperor as a symbol of power and so as to strike fear to the hearts of his newly subjugated subjects living below the mountain. Thus, Machu Picchu’s well-debated psychological warfare usage is also plausible.