Two Top Blender Choices For Smoothie Lovers

There seem to be more blenders on the market nearly every day, especially now that the juicing and smoothie craze is growing so rapidly. There is no doubt that making smoothies and healthy juice blends is an excellent way to enjoy great health while actually drinking something that tastes good. The main thing that any smoothie lover needs to be able to make the widest range of wonderful smoothies is a high quality blender. Below you can read more about two of the top options available today.

The Vitamix blenders are especially popular today because they only make high performance type blenders. With more than 90 years in the business, the company seems to have perfected the art of blender creation, and they continue to introduce new and innovative blender options each year. Put simply, Vitamix blenders are such a good choice because of the quality of their individual components. The steel blades housed in each Vitamix blender are extremely sharp and are capable of pummeling even the thicker or more resistant foods like broccoli or ice into smooth creamy drinks. While these blenders may be a bit more expensive than those you’ll find at the local discount warehouse, the quality makes it worth it. Years from now, you’ll still be creating new green smoothies with the Vitamix blender, long after the generic cheap one quit working.

The Blendtec blenders are particularly popular today for a couple of reasons: They are super strong, and they have a unique shape. The nearly square shape of the Blendtec blenders makes them especially easy to clean. Many people who are smoothie fans use their blenders on a daily basis, and thus an easy to clean blender is of high importance. Blendtec sells not only new blenders from the factory, but also offers refurbished ones at a significant discount. While they are a bit older than the new releases, the refurbished models still have ultra powerful motors and like-new parts. You can find coupon codes for both of the blenders described above, and discounts for many other top blenders, on the Green Smoothie Blenders site, found on the Internet at