Tips for Purchasing Matcha Green Tea

Though most people have heard about matcha and know the benefits it can offer, many matcha types are not all created equally. The quality of matcha tea is determined by where it is grown and its processing measures. There are different grades of matcha, but these grades do not always tell a consumer whether or not the tea powder is of the best quality. Through these tips, people can learn what to look for and where to get matcha green tea powder.

The first thing a person needs to consider is where their matcha tea was grown. Most tea consumers agree those teas grown in Japan are of a higher quality because of the exacting standards they adhere to when growing the tea plants. Japan has been growing matcha for centuries, protecting the plants as they grow and using careful methods of processing so only the tender, bright green leaves are dried and ground.

A shopper also needs to consider price when purchasing matcha. This is not the time to look for the lowest price. The going rate for 30 grams of ceremonial grade Japanese matcha is around $25 to $30. Those paying less can expect they will be buying a lower grade of tea. Unfortunately, lower grades are often more bitter and do not contain the high level of antioxidants, called catechins that help to protect a person’s health.

Color is also key in looking for the right type of matcha. Ceremonial grades of Japanese matcha tea powder are bright green. This is because the plants have been shaded to help the chlorophyll inside the plants to increase production. Tea powder that is dull green or even brownish green often contains older leaves or stems and shows the plants were not grown to custom standards.

Though there are many places to purchase matcha, it is imperative a person carefully researches. Matcha should be tightly sealed in containers or bags that do not allow the light in. If the tea can be seen from the outside of the container, it is not being protected. Using these tips to shop for matcha will allow a person to get the best grade they can afford.