The Vegan’s Opportunity to Introduce Hampton Creek Products to Non-Vegans

It’s easier than it used to be to eat a vegan diet because of food producers like Hampton Creek. Nevertheless, people who choose a vegan diet often discover that their meat-eating friends and relatives give them a bit of a hard time about the decision in one way or another. These acquaintances might voice concern about lack of nutrients and protein this diet, or they might joke about murdered plants. At a family dinner gathering, somebody might pass the plate of sliced ham or beef to the vegan guest and innocently ask, “Want any meat?”

It gets annoying, but the individual does well to ignore the kidding around and keep the diet as low-profile as possible. Meat eaters may feel judged when they spend time with vegans, and that is bothersome to them. They love their bacon and fried chicken, and they don’t want to deal with information about animal cruelty. Besides, they’ve learned that meat, dairy and egg substitutes don’t tend to taste as good as the real deal, and those substitutes tend to cost more, too. They don’t want to eat tofu and they are not thrilled about soy milk or rice milk.

The new vegan now has the chance to subtly introduce these acquaintances to foods that have been proven as favorites with the general public. Hampton Creek’s alternative to mayonnaise, called Just Mayo, is a prime example. This person might make a spinach-artichoke dip with this product and serve it with small slices of toasted French or Italian bread, as an appetizer or even as a main course. Adding some shredded soy vegan cheese to the mix can help get people over the hurdle if they can’t imagine this dip without any cheese. The vegan might even keep a few extra bottles of Just Mayo on hand to give away to people who express interest. With one version a standard mayo-type spread, another featuring garlic and two others chili peppers, there’s bound to be something for almost anyone. Since these products are priced competitively with those from bigger companies, it’s an easy friendly gesture for the vegan to make.