The Tao of Badass Review That Explains Psychology and Social Success

How does anyone really capture the attention of a girl he really adores? It seems so easy, yet it rarely comes across that way. The girl may have a boyfriend. She may (scratch that; she definitely) has major competition from other guys at all hours of the day. Beyond all that, she may not be particularly interested in the guy seeking her attention, or just men in general.

Every man desires companionship in some capacity. It could be the wonderful arms of a wife or a quick fling. The Tao of Badass covers these archetypes of women’s fancy and covers ideas and strategies on how to capture a woman’s attention the right way.

Many men make very amateur and absurd mistakes. The reason is twofold. Firstly, they are simply excited. That is okay, for it is a great thing to be excited about something, but this excitement could easily bleed into desperation, and that is the most off-kilter thing a man can possess in trying to get a girl. Consider it an instant game killer.

The other element here is that men simply do not know enough about the psychology of woman and the dynamics of social interaction. Somewhere down the line, a man either gets lucky in finding the right girl or learns what he has to to make it happen. The Tao of Badass Review covers psychology and social interaction in a decisive and smart way. Everything can really be turned into an awareness of how women think. Men can increase their chances dramatically by understanding what women are seeking. In pursuit of this, they become better people. They learn that by appealing to a higher quantity of women, they ultimately end up appearing to a wider number of people and situations in general.

The book covers basic scenarios such as how to avoid the friend zone and how to get a girl who has a boyfriend, but it does in a very detail oriented way by exploring the layers of psychology. By dissecting this in greater detail than a random motivational Twitter post, the book captures the type of focus that men are seeking.