The Many Uses of Just Italian Salad Dressing From Hampton Creek

The Just Italian Hampton Creek salad dressing is available at Target, Walmart and other stores now, making a delightful new option for people who love Italian dressing and don’t want artificial ingredients. In addition to its standard purpose as a topping for green salads, it’s perfect for including in a variety of recipes.

For example, people can make a tasty dip for chips and veggies with Just Italian. Mix preferred amounts of this dressing with Hampton Creek’s Just Mayo and some finely chopped veggies. Bell peppers, onion and celery are good possibilities. The dip can be served on a platter surrounded by fresh veggies, such as broccoli, baby carrots, cauliflower and celery sticks. It also can be set out with bowls of tortilla chips and crackers everyone likes.

Just Italian also can be used as a marinade for vegetables and meat. Many people like to add some garlic a bit of salt to the dressing to convert it to marinade. An all-natural barbecue sauce blended with Just Italian creates a delicious flavor for individuals who like the tang. Perhaps one day Hampton Creek will release its own barbecue sauce. Although the company focuses on convenience foods that don’t contain any animal-based products, it might envision its customer base using barbecue sauce on veggie shish kabobs and meat replacement items, such as seitan, tofu and veggie hot dogs.

How about cole slaw made with Just Italian and Just Mayo? Individuals who prefer a less creamy cole slaw can leave out the sandwich spread. Potato salad is another recipe that can include these two components. Hampton Creek is set to release an egg-free version of scrambled eggs; people who love eggs in potato salad might want to give this a try.

Of course, using Just Italian for its original purpose adds luscious flavor to veggie salads. Gardeners and people who buy from farm markets will especially enjoy the spring and summer harvest when they have Hampton Creek’s new line of salad dressings stocked up in the refrigerator. There’s something for everyone with flavors like sweet mustard and ranch style. Just Mayo can be blended with any of the available dressings for individuals who like the extra thickness and creamy texture.