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Laws of Attraction: Tips on How to Attract Women Have you checked yourself lately in front of the mirror and wondered what are the things that a woman find irresistible in a man? Whether you are a good-looking guy or not, you can still magnetize women the way you want it to be. In reality, ladies have varying taste on things that they find attractive in guys. Below are some of the things that a guy must consider in order to entice women. Talking about Looks
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1. Make an effort to dress in a way that highlights your physical asset. 1. You can either go for being neat or rugged but make sure that if you choose the latter keep in mind not to overdo it as this will make an impression that you care less about yourself.
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2. Appeal to the sense of smell. Spraying perfume or cologne adds to your masculinity among girls. 3. A smile works like a magnet. You can use your lips and teeth to your advantage by smiling. 4. Show you confidence through body language and posture. Angle that back rightly in order to seduce that woman of your dreams. Intellectual Attractiveness 1. Majority of the women say that a smart guy is a big turn-on. Impressively, smart guys are good at conversations and so a woman will never get bored. 2. Everybody loves a guy who has a plan. Women admires men who have careers and goals in life. 3. Work on your talent. If you know how to play any musical instrument, you can improve it and use it to make yourself desirable to women. 4. Funny is sexy. According to many women, they find a funny man very arousing. 5. Be a great communicator. In order to get a woman’s attention, you have to be sincerely spontaneous in asking many questions about her – it can be about her favorite hobbies, her ambition, her family, her do’s and don’ts, etc. How to Please a Woman’s Heart 1. Be confident with your sexuality. A bit of arrogance can spark that interest among women but remember that too much arrogance can lead to disgust and consequently disaster. 2. Flirting is another thing. Let go of your flirty side but be mindful so as not to become a manwhore. 3. Be the kind of guy who goes after what he wants. Whatever you say, you have to stand by it and you also have to look at the bright side of life. 4. Women dream of men who are romantic. No woman can resist a guy who is romantic as expressed by world literature over and over again. Financial Attractiveness 1. Improve your economic status. A woman is attracted to a man who is capable of providing her and her future children’s needs. Above are some important points that you have to keep in mind so that you can impress and get the woman you want.