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Why You Should Review Your Store Hours If you are planning to invest your cash to retail storefront, then finding the best store hours is going to critical to your operation. Selecting the time you’ll be open and close is something that must be taken into mind. Some of the things that you have to take into account includes the requirement of the shopping centre where you’re renting, the costs involved in keeping your store open, the times in which your customers are likely to visit and so on. Being able to find the right combination can help you in maximizing your profits while lowering your costs. There are so many shopping centers and malls that maintain their requirements for lease holders when it comes to when the stores can operate. Shopping stores wanted to do this as they like the store leasing to come up with a shopping environment, which is mutually advantageous to all of their tenants. There are several number of shops that are close especially in peak hours that may lower the number of customers that are passing by. There are several landlords on the other hand who thoroughly understand that there are specialty stores that target as specific niche to which the customer base may not fit in a certain time. The very first step that must be considered when leasing a space is assessing the policy of the centre. Landlords could be willing and be more flexible to your suggestions.
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Let us say for example that the landlord has extended a considerable leeway to when you are open, then you have to know when your prospective clients would likely pass by. It might not reflect to the reality of many retail shops if you open early and close late compared to the traditional 8 to 9. There are several customers who like to do their shopping throughout lunchtime or even after work. This fact alone has caused several owners to open their stores from 10 or 11 in the morning and be open until 7 or 8 at night. For customers, this is really beneficial as it has given them more time options to shop.
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The cost of renting the space is the last thing that you like to know. Figuring out the number of employees needed to operate your business is crucial. It will not be sensible continue in the event that the cost of operation is higher than the profits you are making every single day. If workers however are paid by commission, then this could offset some of the overhead costs and even the base salary that’s associated in keeping your shop open for extended period of time.