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Top Reasons Why You Should Try An Amazon River Cruise The Amazon River is one of the most famous creations of nature here on Earth. So obtaining the opportunity to have a river cruise on it is definitely something you don’t want to pass up. By cruising the river and its tributaries, you get that very rare opportunity to see one of the most diverse places on Earth first hand. Here’s a list of the best reasons why you must go on a river cruise in the Amazon one of these days. Secret Villages
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You get to experience seeing tiny villages along the Amazon. Most of these villages get fish from the river and other have been practicing substance farming for a very long time. There are a few that already have electricity. The common trait among the people in the Amazon is shyness. Some local villagers have learned to interact with tourists, selling items such as rustic blowguns and handmade baskets.
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Lots of Crawlers The love and fondness of nature is probably the greatest reason why people try out the Amazon River cruise. But it’s another thing to see creepy lizards and snakes up close and personal. When you get to shallow waters, you will see some of the eeriest creatures you’ve seen, including tarantulas, alligators with red eyes, anacondas, king toads, and a lot more. Pink Skin Dolphins You’ve seen dolphins in the past, but have you seen a pink one? This is another good reason why you should embark on a journey to the Amazon. This type of dolphin is easy to spot because they show themselves in areas of the river where the water meets with the lakes and creeks. These freshwater creatures are so nice to see especially that they are playful and aren’t afraid to come out even when there’s people around. Birds of All Kinds If you are a bird enthusiast, the river cruise will definitely be a great experience for you. So even if you feel like you’ve seen hundreds of bird species, you will never deny the ultimate experience of seeing whole flocks of kingfishers, egrets, as well as vultures, hawks, parrots, and macaws. Monkeys Swinging You don’t really see a lot of monkeys at home or at least not in cages. Well in fact, you’d be amazed when you see them swinging on vines and tree limbs on top of you. Exotic Flora Sure you have tasted papaya and mango, but are you interested in rare tropical fruits only found in Amazon, like that of camu camu, cocona, and annona? As your river boat passes through the rainforest, you’ll come upon hundreds of different species of plants and trees including the giant water lilies you won’t find anywhere else. The Sense of Discovery In the end, a cruise to the Amazon River is something designed for those who are fond of what nature has to offer. It’s not like the type of cruise ship where you party all the time and drink booze. If you have some interest in the sense of discovery and adventure, then you should not miss this.