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Why Visiting the Amazon in Peru is a Great Idea The variations in rivers, plants and animal distribution is what makes the Amazon one of the world’s best and richest ecosystems. It is one of the largest naturally occurring ecosystems shared by several countries including Peru, Brazil, Colombia and Bolivia among others. What makes the amazon a great tourist destination is the fact that it is not a straightforward destination, a fact that contributes to its richness. Due to the varied interests and richness Amazon is a viable choice for anyone looking for adventure. Visiting the Amazon in Peru is always a great idea and there are many reasons that support this. Here are reasons why you should consider checking the Amazon out from Peru. While Brazil offers a typical Amazon trip that everyone wishes to go on because of its well-established packages, Peru is more suited for people looking for a unique experience that is not likely to replicate. It is in Peru that real natural adventure is as Brazil focus on the social attraction such as samba dances. However, Peru is excellent for people who love nature and want to experience wildlife in a unique manner. One thing you are guaranteed of when in Peru is the ability to experience plants and animals in their natural habitats. Even though the threat of deforestation and pollution resulting from industrialization causes more animals to disappear into the depths of the amazon where there is little interference, Peru still remains one of the best diversity of plant and animal life in the amazon. However, birders will enjoy their hobby along the tributaries of this long river while in Peru. Some of the forested slopes are also excellent for offering the much-needed entertainment.
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Any person that is interested in more specialized wildlife experience in the amazon, Peru is always a great place to commence. You can always find a tour guiding company that organizes for group tours in search of jaguars, bears and rare monkeys only found in this region.
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It is also in Peru that you are likely to see everything that the Amazon River has to offer. You will get to experience the rapids and slowness of the river in equal measure. It is these varied river speeds that attracts different activities along the same river such as kayaking and whitewater rafting are great for the areas with fast paces and the slow paced river areas offer excellent areas for boat sightseeing. If you are the kind of person that looks into getting an adrenaline rush brought about by adventure then Peru is definitely your starter point especially if you intend to visit the entire Amazon and experience its richness.