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Knowing More about South African Culture Without culture, one may not know the identity as a people and move forward as a nation. Culture is something that defines a people; much like the way South Africa’s flag represent the nation. The culture tells us much about the people and their way of life. Culture represents not just a nation, but a group of human beings with a unique take on life. The country of South Africa is something that is truly unique because it gets its name from where it is located. Years of turmoil and social unrest have been eradicated into a nonracial society, free and democratic. Equitable opportunities and unifying loyalties have become the hallmark of a new South Africa. Racial diversity is what South Africa is known for. The diversity is a product of years of colonization and immigration thus making the nation a melting out of different cultures. Fomer colonizers influenced the culture, but the immigrants injected interest into the new found culture of South Africa. As blacks become exposed, they have become modern. As a result, there are aspects of local culture that had waned. Pakistani and Indian immigration also contributed to the colorful culture of what we know as South Africa. Several Chinese have been able to infiltrate the culture. Additional influences can make the culture broader and better.
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Language is one of the things we take for granted, but surely can changed the society and redefine the local culture. Language is an original way of making a people and learn plus the ability to act accordingly in public. English and Afrikaans are the two most popular languages. South Africa also has a bevy of local languages making an exit. It would be inevitable to smoke and still drive as it can lead to fatalities.
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South African cinema has been improving over the years. Few local productions have been producing films both for domestic and international audiences. Some films produced in South Africa have won prestigious film awards. Music is a huge part of the local culture. One can say there is a storied diversity especially in music in this country. The various influences make the local music scene truly interesting. South Africa is also huge on other contemporary music such as jazz. One of the most interesting sub-culture is rock music being listened to within the Johannesburg area. The music scene has made the culture truly alive and well. There are plenty of things one can learn about South Africa. One can get to watch films that reflect the culture. Some sites on the Internet can help. Sites can be helpful in bringing insightful deep dive on South African culture.