Sometimes Organic Is The Only Way To Go, The customer will purchase the grade that suits their use best. Like With Matcha Green Tea.

With some products, it does not matter so much if they are organic or not. Other products such as matcha green tea powder, herbs and spices, and other health enhancing products are always better purchased from an organic source. Organic product companies such as Kiss Me Organics do the research and searching for their customers. When they offer a product for sale it has already been tested and researched to make sure it is safe and organic. When customers pay extra for organic products, they want assurances they are getting what they are paying for.

One popular organic product is matcha green tea powder. This is not just any tea. Matcha green tea powder is made by a time-honored procedure in both China and Japan. Some people prefer the Japanese product, some go for the Chinese grown product. Both countries grow the matcha green tea organically. The best matcha green tea powder is made from young green tea leaves that have been grown in misty areas near rivers and shaded from the sun by bamboo mats or tarps. Shading the young tea plants helps them to become richer in chloroform and other nutrients just before harvest. It also gives the tea leaves a brighter green color. The young tea leaves are hand picked at just the right stage of development, then they are steamed, air-dried and de-stemmed. After this, they are ground on stone grinding wheels to make the pure matcha green tea powder. The tea powder must b carefully sorted and packaged for market.

Not all matcha tea powder turns out the same. It is graded after grinding and testing. It is graded from best down as ceremonial, culinary, premium, classic, cafe grade, and kitchen grade. Matcha green tea powder contains the whole leaf and the users are getting the benefits of the whole leaf. This makes the tea powder more nutritional and loaded with antioxidants. Some of the benefits attributed to matcha green tea powder are younger looking skin, a metabolism boost for weight loss, all day energy, a calming effect, and increased focus. Some people believe that regular use of matcha green tea powder will contribute to better overall health and longevity. For more information, please visit the website.