Round Ice Ball Makers

Are you looking for a way to surprise your guests at your next cocktail party? A round ice ball maker can deliver a two and a half inch ball of ice which doesn’t have the surface amount as regular ice cubes and therefore doesn’t melt so quickly in your glasses and pitchers. This prevents your beverages from being watered down. Fun and festive, these molds stack in the freezer to create stable balls of ice. The molds have lips to catch any expanding water. Each ice sphere is the equivalent of more than five regular ice cubes but without the large surface area those ice cubes have to melt into your drink. Infernal Ice ball makers have a clear fill line so that you don’t overfill the container. Made out of quality plastic, the Infernal symbol is emblazoned on every ice ball signifying quality.

Adding ice balls to your cocktails ensures that the ice ball will outlive the beverage in question. It won’t dilute your good scotch or whiskey. It is also good for use in pitchers of iced tea, fruit juice and sangria. Quality materials consist of a durable plastic base and Infernal Orange silicone top, specially designed with grooves to catch excess water and prevent leaks. The mold is BPA free and dishwasher safe for quick and easy care. The molds are stable and will not tip making them easy to find a place for in your freezer.

Your guests will be entranced by the ice balls. It gives a special feeling to your event to have these unusually shaped ice balls in your cocktails and drinks. It shows an extra layer of care and concern for your guests by making sure their drinks do not get diluted. Plus, ice balls are just plain more fun than regular square ice cubes.

With the quality and care that goes into every ice ball maker, you can provide an extra amount of class for your drinks. This shows the level of affection and care for your guests you have for your get together or shindig. Getting an ice ball maker is an excellent way to enliven your next party.