Read The Fortune About Hampton Creek Foods

Most people in America want to find ways to take care of themselves. Doings things like quitting smoking, running in the mornings, and eating healthier food are some great ways to start. Food is a huge influence on overall heath. Fatty foods with lots of carbs and cholesterol are not inducive to a healthier lifestyle. Even if hitting the gym three times a week becomes a permanent habit it won’t do much good with a poor diet. Unfortunately, there aren’t a lot of options out there for a healthy diet that provides proper nutrition. Most commercially produced food follow a specific recipe that offers cost-effective production the kind of quality long-time customers expect. These companies aren’t going to change their recipe anytime soon so it’s up to newer companies to find new ways to make food.

Anyone interested in healthier foods that taste great should read the Fortune page about Hampton Creek. This company has taken healthier food to the next level by searching for ways to replace common ingredients with better alternatives. Brands such as Just Mayo, Just Cookie Dough, and Just Cookies offer the nutrition and flavor that’s been missing in so many of those commercially produced recipes. More importantly, a database of plant-based replacements is being compiled in order to create more recipes and brands that can help anyone improve their diet without having to compromise taste. More companies are joining in the search for plant-based replacements and more products are on the way.

This is how manufacturers are taking responsibility for what they sell. Rather than making products with obscene amounts of fat, sugar, or cholesterol these companies have started working to improve everyone’s health. Unlike many of the healthier brands available newer products are being offered at a wide variety of retailers. There’s no need to make a trip across town to the nearest WholeFoods, local retailers can be found online with a zip code. Now parents don’t have to worry about what their children are eating and limit food based on the amount of harmful ingredients even when it comes to having a second piece of cake.