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Preserving Mineral Nutrients and Vitamins when Cooking Your Vegetables Vegetables should be eaten on a daily basis as they are a rich source of mineral substances, vitamins and water, but in order to take full advantage of their nutrients, you will have to learn how to store, prepare and cook your vegetables in order to preserve their precious food value. For instance, one important tip is to buy your vegetables soon before cooking them so that they don’t become stale – actually, this is extremely important when it comes to green vegetables that are rich in vitamin C as this particular vitamin is likely to be lost once the vegetables are let to wilt. Once you decide to stick to the healthy side of cooking your vegetables, you should make sure that you find the perfect balance between eating raw and cooked vegetables – this way, you will be able to enjoy each of your meals without feeling that you make any compromise. However, you should keep in mind that, if you are growing your own vegetables, you should not pick them before they are actually required in order to preserve their mineral nutrients and vitamins – once you pick them, you should store them in your refrigerator or in cool and airy places in order to keep them as fresh as possible. There are several methods to be used when cooking your vegetables and you should take a closer look at each of them in order to go for the best option, one that can provide you with all the vitamins and mineral nutrients you are looking forward to have in your daily diet. For instance, boiling is among the simplest and most common methods of cooking vegetables mainly because it is economical as well – however, you should always avoid over cooking your vegetables as this could easily cause valuable vitamins and nutrients to be lost and natural flavor to be spoiled.
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Blanching is another popular method of cooking vegetables and it is usually used in the case of young shoots of green vegetables that are likely to require little cooking – when using this method, you will be cleaning and draining your vegetables and have them lowered right into a pan of boiling water for half a minute and lifted up almost immediately in order to preserve the natural taste and their precious nutrients.
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When planning to cook your vegetables, you may choose frying as well as this is a suitable method of cooking for almost any kind of vegetables but you will have to avoid using too much oil or animal fat in order to preserve the healthy value of your meals – for instance, you will have to clean your vegetables, make sure that you cut them into even pieces and fry them in oil or fat in order to preserve their natural taste and food value.