Hampton Creek is Changing the Way That the Food Industry Works

Plant-based food company Hampton Creek is poised to change the food industry forever. By using plant materials as a food source rather than animal products, this company is able to provide a model for food manufacturing that is better for the environment and healthier overall. This brand hopes to influence the food industry as a whole and change the way that humans use animals and plants for food.

Most people around the world rely on animals to supply them with a large part of their diet. Whether it be from an animal’s meat, milk, eggs or organs, people are quite reliant on animals as a food source. This creates massive challenges worldwide, as raising and caring for animals requires a great deal of resources. It also creates an unnatural strain on the environment and is a key contributor to pollution. Growing crops and using plants for food is far less harmful on the environment, and it is also much less costly overall.

This brand has several innovative products available on the market. Hampton Creek’s first product was an egg substitute that only uses plant materials, yet has a similar taste and consistency to a natural egg. From that initial product, the company has grown to offer several diverse products. Hampton Creek currently offers plant-based versions of mayonnaise, cookies and scrambled eggs in addition to their first egg replacement product. These products can be found in many retail stores around the US, and they are also being used by major companies in the food service industry. It is hoped that hampton creek will achieve worldwide distribution, and that their use of plant-based food will catch on and become an industry standard.

Hampton Creek is working hard to change the face of the food industry through their use of non-animal based food products. By replacing the need for eggs and other animal products in food, the environment will be less negatively affected and pollution will decrease. In addition, food made from plant is less expensive and could help to resolve food shortages worldwide. Hopefully, more food manufacturers will learn from their example and explore new options when it comes to food sources in the future.

A Recent LAtimes article on Hampton Creek Details the Outcome of a Prominent Challenge

Mayonnaise is serious business. Long thought of as a spread containing eggs and vinegar, the condiment has come under renewed scrutiny in recent months. With an upstart known as Hampton Creek introducing a vegan-friendly line of mayo that lacked what some thought of as a crucial pair of ingredients, legal challenges soon ensued. Even when the plaintiffs in that matter dropped their case, though, the FDA took up the banner on its own, as a recent LAtimes article on Hampton Creek shows.

While those troubles might have dissuaded a company less committed to its products and mission, Hampton Creek seems since to have prevailed. The FDA, it turns out, was worried less about how the names of the spreads included the word “mayo,” and more about the use of the word “just.” Founded by devoted vegans, Hampton Creek saw the condiments as ways of treating animals more justly, and never intended, it says, to imply that the products were the only kind of mayo that deserved the name or contained only that substance.

In the end, all that it took to resolve this regulatory impasse was a brief disclaimer detailing this perspective. With the “Just Mayo” line of products thereby staying on the market in otherwise unaltered form, Hampton Creek sailed through a challenging time with little in the way of lasting marks.

In fact, many observers believe that the company actually benefited greatly from the controversy. Publications around the country, like the LA Times, gravitated to the story with great eagerness, finding it in a number of individually fascinating factors combined in an especially palatable mix. Just like the mayonnaise that lay at the root of the disagreements in the case, this tangy news concoction was a big hit with readers all around the country.

While the idea that no publicity is bad publicity can certainly be carried too far and even become dangerous, this ruckus therefore turned out to be a shining exemplar of the underlying thought. Turning what was originally intended as a ruthless challenge by a competitor into lots of free exposure of a positive sort, Hampton Creek did very well by itself and for its customers.

Stimulating and Relaxing: A Powerful Combination from Matcha Green Tea Powder

Caffeine stimulates. Green tea relaxes. Both are generally considered energy resources, and both are healthy in small quantities. But, some of the best energy source products on the market seem to stimulate as well as relax. It is a combination that is ethereal and worth exploring. It can largely only be achieved through a natural item.

Organic Matcha Tea is a product available at Amazon.com UK that stimulates and relaxes. That victorious combination is a clear winner in delivering real natural energy on a silver platter to the body. The energy comes from within, as cheesy as that may sound, as opposed to adding external chemical stimulants that fade away and cause a sugar crash. It is largely why sugar is so ineffective as an energy source. The body immediately converts it and exhausts it, and all the nice natural effects are absent. Matcha Green Tea powder acts as an all day energy source, and it keeps it restrained. The energy stimulation is mild, which may take some getting used to for someone who is used to a few cups of coffee a day chased by an energy drink. But, it is vastly superior in the long run.

The relaxation qualities will reduce stress. High-stress actually decreases energy and promotes body fatigue. The product also burns calories naturally, which is a way to support healthy weight loss without a lot of unnecessary legwork. The product also manages to boost the defenses of the body. For example, the body uses resources to fight off illnesses and other toxins. The anti-toxin elements will help assist the body in removing toxins in the colon, which allows it to put more resources towards converting and burning calories and delivering energy.

Viewers can look for Kiss Me Organics at this page. The official Amazon page includes links to a wide breadth of products, including the one detailed above. Their products are continuing the trend of all-natural items that are popularizing the mainstream. It is about time for the larger culture to see that natural items are superior to man-made products that are fitted with filler chemicals.

Quick Recipe for Energy Boosting Shake with Green Tea

In this fast paced world, people are looking for natural ways to achieve a boost of energy. More energy means you can get more done. That translates into success in your endeavors. With exercise and healthy eating, you can ensure a natural increase in energy.

Getting the daily recommended vitamins can be a challenge for most people. However, making an energy boosting shake with green tea is a step in the right direction. Known for its ability to help boost metabolism, burn calories and to fight against bacteria and other disease, green tea is the power ingredient for your shake.

A quick Google search will yield massive results when it comes to energy boosting shake ideas. You can start with the one below and add on to your library of recipes as time goes on.

A Quick Recipe for Green Tea Energy Shake

Ingredients: Honey, Green tea, Strawberry or your favorite fruit, half of banana (optional), Almond milk, and Ice

Materials: High powered blender and long spoon utensil, tall glass or container for your smoothie

Combine Almond milk, fruit, ice, honey and green tea powder, in that order, into your blender. Cover the blender with its lid and pulse until all of the ingredients are blended to a smooth consistency. Pour into your favorite glass or container and enjoy. If you are not a fan of almond milk you can exchange for greek yogurt to achieve a smoothie consistency. However, this will also change the taste of the smoothie.

Create other variations of this energy shake by exchanging different fruits. For example, another quick smoothie option is a green energy smoothie and consists of adding a few leaves of kale and a half of cucumber, chopped up, to the above ingredients and you have a fat burning, antioxidant, energy boosting green tea smoothie.

Smoothies or shakes are a great way to start the day. They are easy to make and provide easy cleanup. In truth, adding green tea to any shake option will make it a great energy boosting shake that you can make to start your day or drink anytime you need an extra boost of energy. Let your imagination be your guide.

The More Prosperous Individuals are Those Who Invest in the Achievements of Others

It certainly is wonderful to be told an excellent victory account, but there is no doubt that the very finest stories are exactly where you’ll be able to identify with the person enjoying the achievement. Such a guy is Allen Baler (allenbaler.com), who definitely has worked hard and done well pertaining to himself not only as a business professional for primary businesses for example the Danbury Mint and also Easton Press years back, but in addition in his unique project, 4Patriots LLC, where he is installed as a Partner. This guy twitter updates and messages and blogs tips for other people who are just as entrepreneurially bent, and also who would like to start their particular business. Mr. Baler is really a person who invests in the victory associated with other individuals.

No place else is this witnessed more than with Food4Patriots, a strong offshoot involving his 4Patriots LLC. Food4Patriots will help normal, folks almost everywhere really plan for the unknown in a progressively shaky region having packaged, dried up foods that have a shelf-life regarding 25 years. These kind of tasty foods may be used about some sort of hiking trip or even stored pertaining to problems like power outages, warfare, nuclear holocaust, or much worse. All that’s needed to be able to reconstitute a lovely dinner is undoubtedly drinking water. Contrary to other brands, Allen Baler’s firm’s choices will not be filled up with fillers, but pure, natural food items such as you consume these days.

The Many Benefits Of Using Matcha Green Tea

There has been a lot of focus lately involving the benefits of using Matcha. This is a particular type of green tea that is ground up into a fine powder. Since the entire tea leaf is used in the process, it contains more nutrients. It is also rich in antioxidants as well. Many are choosing to buy organic matcha green tea because they want to experience all of the benefits that it can provide. This product is available in powder form and most people add one teaspoon per day to their morning smoothie or latte. It can also be added to oatmeal or yogurt as well.

One of the first benefits that is noticable is the increased amount of energy. It helps to release a steady stream of energy that lasts from 4-6 hours. The best part is that there are no jittery feelings or nervousness due to the fact that matcha acts as both a stimulant and a relaxant. It also improves ability to stay focused as well. Matcha also helps to give metabolism a boost. This allows one to burn more calories as a much speedier rate. This can result in weight loss for a lot of people. Many also love the fact that there is an improvement in the appearance of skin and hair.

Many wonder where to purchase this type of product and the answer is very simple. It can be purchased online through Amazon. Many love to shop with Amazon because they offer such a generous return policy and there are no hassles. They are also well known for their low prices and fantastic service. This product is quite affordable and is backed by a 110% money back guarantee. There is no risk to the consumer to give it a try.

There are many benefits that can be gained by using one teaspoon of matcha powder each day. Many like the fact that it is so convenient to use and that it provides them with so much energy and clarity. It can also help those who want to loose weight because it boosts metabolism. It is very easy to add this to a favorite beverage and reap in the benefits.

Two Top Blender Choices For Smoothie Lovers

There seem to be more blenders on the market nearly every day, especially now that the juicing and smoothie craze is growing so rapidly. There is no doubt that making smoothies and healthy juice blends is an excellent way to enjoy great health while actually drinking something that tastes good. The main thing that any smoothie lover needs to be able to make the widest range of wonderful smoothies is a high quality blender. Below you can read more about two of the top options available today.

The Vitamix blenders are especially popular today because they only make high performance type blenders. With more than 90 years in the business, the company seems to have perfected the art of blender creation, and they continue to introduce new and innovative blender options each year. Put simply, Vitamix blenders are such a good choice because of the quality of their individual components. The steel blades housed in each Vitamix blender are extremely sharp and are capable of pummeling even the thicker or more resistant foods like broccoli or ice into smooth creamy drinks. While these blenders may be a bit more expensive than those you’ll find at the local discount warehouse, the quality makes it worth it. Years from now, you’ll still be creating new green smoothies with the Vitamix blender, long after the generic cheap one quit working.

The Blendtec blenders are particularly popular today for a couple of reasons: They are super strong, and they have a unique shape. The nearly square shape of the Blendtec blenders makes them especially easy to clean. Many people who are smoothie fans use their blenders on a daily basis, and thus an easy to clean blender is of high importance. Blendtec sells not only new blenders from the factory, but also offers refurbished ones at a significant discount. While they are a bit older than the new releases, the refurbished models still have ultra powerful motors and like-new parts. You can find coupon codes for both of the blenders described above, and discounts for many other top blenders, on the Green Smoothie Blenders site, found on the Internet at www.greenSmoothieBlenders.com.