Nursing Home Abuse Uncovered in Australia of today’s active seniors prefer to age in place rather than be shipped off to nursing homes. They or their families will gladly pay for residential renovations if these help them to remain in comfortable surroundings. Scare stories about nursing home abuse certainly help fuel the desire of seniors to remain at home. One such case was uncovered in 2011 in Wyong, Australia and is bound to send shivers up the spines of the elderly.

The Australian Federal Department of Health and Ageing uncovered abuse at the William Cape Gardens Nursing Home on the continent’s east coast. At least three nurses were implicated in the case, which featured humiliating photographs of residents’ genitals. The sadistic nurses laughed as they used their iPhones to photograph wretched elderly residents’ private parts and then played games to identify which patient belonged to each picture. The whole enterprise was well-known among staff members as the “Genital Friday Club”.

Another shocking allegation was that the three implicated nurses told a demented female resident that her husband was having an affair with her best friend. This level of sadism approaches unthinkable levels. Still more shocking was the withholding of food from an elderly male resident. In their “defense”, the nurses allegedly said that it was to hasten the resident’s inevitable demise. We do not know what pool of black malevolence spawned such miserably evil witches, but it seems to us that anything short of the death penalty is too good for them.

A spokesman for the nursing home, Tim Allerton, could not specify how many patients were involved in the Genital Friday Club. The home issued apologies to at least two families and claimed that the apologies were accepted. We find this very hard to believe. Any self-respecting family would pull their relatives out of any nursing home guilty of such egregious abuse. We are sure that many families are now second-guessing their decisions to send Mom or Dad to a nursing home rather than making it feasible for them to live at home.

The William Cape Gardens is accused of misleading advertising. Their ads feature a five-star image, but apparently this refers to the architecture, not the quality of care. Pity the poor consumer who is trying to figure out which nursing home to select. The truth is that Australia does not have a star-rating system. Children of elderly parents: let this case be an object lesson – you may be sending your parents off to a gulag or concentration camp disguised as a nursing home. If you fail in your responsibilities to ensure the proper care of your parents, they will suffer horribly and you will be damned to the kind of guilt reserved for residents of a deep circle of hell.