No Garden Variety Weed in this Tea

In recent years herbal teas have seen a return to popularity particularly in health conscientious circles who are interested in natural and organic diets. Frequently these teas are used as a source of alternative medicine to more expensive prescription drugs. However, just as many people drink herbal teas such as dandelion root just as regularly as black tea. Most individuals are unaware of the health benefits of dandelion root tea both long and short term. Herbal specialists like want customers to know the numerous uses for dandelion teas.

There are several long term health benefits that have been attributed to regular use of dandelion root tea. A study has shown evidence that dandelion root tea can be used as an enzyme inhibitor that promotes weight loss. By pairing the dandelion root with the antibacterial properties of the herb uva ursi, consumers can prevent urinary tract infections. In folk medicine dandelion tea was commonly used to improve liver health. Modern medicine suggests that it may play a key role in helping to remove toxins from the liver. Modern research has also found that dandelion root tea can help stop melanoma cancer cells from growing without harming natural cells. For customers who are just learning about the tea, there are also more immediate perks to drinking dandelion root tea.

Dandelion root tea can benefit both urinary and digestive health. It has natural diuretic properties which can help reduce bloating by increasing the frequency of urination. Reducing bloating can alleviate discomfort and make a person feel more energetic. Introducing dandelion root tea to the digestive tract has been used as a folk remedy for improving appetite or alleviating constipation. These applications may also have something to do with the common use of dandelion root tea as a substitute for coffee in the daily diet.

The rich, dark roasted dandelion root is something that can also be enjoyed as a beverage for its taste. While it is entirely possible to harvest fresh dandelions from the yard to make tea, this is not recommended. Weed treatments and pesticides used on a lawn or garden to kill weeds or bugs can seep into the root system of the plant. This makes it unsafe to use these plants for brewing tea for oneself. A licensed producer of dandelion tea assures that these teas are safe and of the highest quality for consumption.