Moscow Mule Drinks and the 16 oz Copper Mugs

Invented in 1941, the Moscow Mule is a timeless drink that introduced vodka to America. Unlike most drinks, however, this one needs to be served in a special cup, one of the 16 oz copper mugs. This allows the drink to get its unique taste and the drink won’t taste quite the same in any other mug.

The Moscow Mule is created from a mixture of vodka, lime juice and ginger beer. It’s mixed and served in a copper mug, where the drink oxidizes the copper to gain a unique taste that cannot be found any other way. It’s important to make sure that you’re only using 100% copper mugs if you’re serving this drink, since mugs that are lined with other metals will not create the same taste. To care for the mugs, it’s important to make sure they’re washed and dried immediately after use so you don’t get the green color copper is known for.

This drink is perfect for many different occasions. No matter what you’re celebrating, your guests are going to enjoy this drink. It’s been enjoyed by many people for over 74 years now and has even been listed as a favorite by Oprah. When you’re serving the drink, you may even want to tell your guests a little about the traditional way to serve this drink so they understand they’re not going to find this flavor with any other combination of beverages or cups. They’re going to love how unique this great tasting drink is and that they get to try a drink that has been a favorite for so many years.

If you’d like to serve the Moscow Mule at a party or event with your friends, make sure you have 100% copper mugs for the full experience. Also, make sure you purchase the best vodka you can afford for the best tasting drink. Everyone is going to not only love the taste, but the experience of drinking out of those unique mugs. You can purchase the mugs online today and have them arrive in just a few days, ready to use. Go ahead and order them now, you never know when you’re going to have the next chance to show off your bartending skills.