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Hampton Creek is a food technology company that produces and sells plant-based food products with the intent of combating agricultural practices like egg farming that harm the environment.

The founders of the company, Josh Balk and Joshua Tetrik, started the company in 2011 in order to address problems they perceived in global food production. Factory farming methods, especially those involving poultry, require a large expense in resources and damage the environment through water and soil contamination.

Balk and Tetrik wanted to make food that was cheaper, more accessible, healthier, and better for the environment. They began by coming up with a plant-based substitute for eggs.

Hampton Creek continues to put a great deal of research into a variety of plant-based proteins that can serve the same purpose as eggs in a recipe, to bind the ingredients.

Through their research, they are also creating a massive database that catalogues the various plant species they investigate. They use the data to identify which ones have properties that could work as substitutes for eggs and for other ingredients they hope to replace.

The company specializes in dressings and baked goods. Their main products are Just Mayo, a vegan mayonnaise, and Just Cookies, a vegan cookie or cookie dough. These products are notably produced without eggs, but rather use an egg substitute powder made from a type of yellow pea. Hampton Creek is currently expanding its product line to include several flavor varieties of Just Mayo and other baking mixes as well.

The company looks to a future where many processed food ingredients, like MSG, sugar, dyes, and trans fats, can be replaced by low-cost plant-based substitutes.

Hampton Creek is an ever-growing business. At this time, their products are sold in a wide range of stores including Kroger, Walmart, Costco, and Whole Foods Market. A recent agreement with Compass Foods will elevate Hampton Creek’s visibility and availability as they are slated to become Compass Foods sole provider of dressings and baking mixes.

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