Just Mayo Was Only the Beginning of Hampton Creek’s Sensible Food Innovation

Individuals looking for an Egg-free Mayo are certain to fall in love with Hampton Creek’s Just Mayo line of items. This revolutionary product is made employing a plant-based protein in place of eggs, rendering it ideal for individuals who are hypersensitive to this particular substance and those that are actually vegan. The creation of this mayo necessitates much less water in contrast to mayonnaise, and people struggling with high cholesterol can get their preferred sandwich spread once more without fear of the health risks. Even better, this product tastes amazing, and folks are unable to tell the difference among this and the original. Pick from 4 amazing tastes: standard, garlic, chipolte along with sriracha, and add this mayo into a recipe for outstanding outcomes. Unilever, the maker of Hellman’s, recently sued this company, stating they could not call this product mayo, as it doesn’t have eggs, a typical component in mayonnaise as stated by the United States Food and Drug Administration. In addition, Unilever was unsatisfied with the picture of an egg within the packaging, because they claimed it was actually a case of fictitious marketing. Thankfully, this lawsuit looks like it’s settled right now, plus Hampton Creek has eliminated the picture of the egg within the product labels, nevertheless the item is really the exact same incredible spread many people have fallen in love with. Because the Just Mayo along with Just Cookie Dough items have been well accepted plus the business wishes to present consumers with more means to access wholesome, plant-based goods, they’re now offering a completely new collection of products which are going to be sold in Target and even Walmart retailers. These include items like pancake mixes, sweet mixes, brownies and even more. Now is the time to follow a healthier lifestyle, ingest significantly less sugar and look not to mention feel better, and Hampton Creek is definitely allowing it to be simple to accomplish this. If you wish to keep reading news from this page, look here for details. Once you read this page’s info, you’ll definitely choose to check all of Hampton Creek’s products straight away. Should you have yet to test an item provided through this company, you’ll want to do it right now. Pay a visit to your local major merchant and take one home. Once you do, you are sure to end up being totally hooked on the extraordinary flavor of their extraordinary goods. Try them immediately or they could sell out.