Juliette McCollum Posts About Love, Men, and What All of This Actually Means

It is a love-hate relationship. It is like the ex-boyfriend that is obviously the worst, but there is something about him that makes him so endearing. It is like Lebron James. He is the most likable and talented sports star in the country, and now he is a likable and talented actor. His skills are loved. But, does he have to be so great at everything?

Juliette McCollum loves that love-hate dynamic. It is what makes Twitter such an appealing platform. Twitter can be a cesspool of some of the most egomaniacal people in the world sharing whatever they want because they think everyone cares. It can also be a platform where some of the smartest people accomplish and talk about some of the smartest things. Juliette McCollum exists in that void. She isn’t breaking any boundaries or reinventing the world with her inquisitive shares about men’s and women’s health. Juliette also has a love-hate relationship with men, which she continuously explores in her Twitter feed. She shares some of the most controversial and intriguing tidbits from men’s health. Some are quite silly. Seven romantic gestures that only work in movies, but they do not work in real life. No one is using films as a serious influence on their dating life, right? Who watches romantic comedies anymore, anyway?

Juliette recently shared a fun little piece on women’s sexuality from the eyes of the male. It explored a few of the most underrated sexy spots on women. It is always it of fun to explore genders and sexuality in this way, and men’s magazine manages to do it tastefully but also reflective of what is going on out there. She can then balance that with a piece on health, and it works fluidly. She shares what young people want to know about dating, health, and why they often fit right together.

This is a killer Twitter feed. Filled with emotionally resonant quotes from life, expressions of love and whatever that whole thing is about, and the views of men and women. Follow it with restless abandon, and find a nook into the crazy world of being alive and young and always exploring.