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What a Fun Birthday Party to Offer to Your Kid As a parent, you want to bring out the best birthday preparation for your kid and thinking of ways how to make it attractive is expectable. If you are planning for a sleep-over because it will make the children excited, forget about it. There is a way to make the kid’s birthday perfect without any plan to have a sleep-over. There is no need to put moon-bounce just to attract other kids and make them play with your birthday celebrator as it will just eat most of your time installing. A birthday party that is good for three-hours will make a difference to all the kids if you provide activities that are meaningful to all of them. What you should do first is to ponder on what will make the kids giggle for three hours. If there are kids who have just arrived, it will be possible to start the program right away. Greeting the birthday celebrator is just an important segment so you should decide to facilitate it while others are still coming. Through this effort, you will never have dull moments as other kids can never arrive on time. The greeting part of the program should be creatively done so that the children will be happy for the occasion. You can invite all the guests, preferably kids, to one of the elegant rooms where they can place their gifts. Soon, they will describe what is inside the box so that your child will be excited to open each one of them soon. It is possible for late kids to do their part on this activity as this will certainly take time. If you want to do more activities, you can invite the kids to into juggling carves, drawing pictures, and hoola-hoops.
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For another 30 minutes, you can call the attention of the kids to facilitate party games. Store a list of games that will enable kids to develop sense of camaraderie. Among the games recommended to be done in 30 minutes include pin the tail on the donkey, musical chairs, and relay races. Most kids, especially those whose age are 6-8, will appreciate your effort once they get exhausted playing structured games.
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The meaty part of the program is the magic show which will typically last for one hour. The kids can already relax by the moment you ask them to attend the magic show because the clowns will take the centerstage. If you want the best entertainment, hire a team of professional magicians. Provide the kids the best foods on the table after the show.