How Popular Social Media Sites are Used

Social media sites like twitter are popular because they fulfill a need for many people. How accounts like these are used will depend on the person and what they want to accomplish. It is obvious how useful and entertaining they are. Twitter has over 300 million active monthly users with over a billion registered members. Around 100 million users sign in and post daily.

What does a site offer people, especially when it limits its posts to so few characters? Well, it allows everyone around the world to be heard. You can choose to share your life and experiences with your friends and family or you can remain anonymous and say what you cannot normally in your daily life.

Business owners and entertainers have discovered this site as the perfect place to gain more customers and fans. It allows them the opportunity to display their talents, advertise their endeavors, and get honest feedback on everything instantly.

Politicians understand it can connect them with an audience that may not have heard of them otherwise. It lets them have a forum to express their goals and policies while encouraging online followers to get involved in the political process.

Many do become involved too, but even more people choose this site as a social meeting area—a place to learn about others that they would never have met in their normal day to day life. Friendships and relationships are built by people in opposite ends of the country or from countries around the world. It lets even those who are tucked away in a remote area learn about the culture of places they have never even heard of before.

For example, maybe you have always dreamed of living in California. By becoming a follower of someone like Cynthia Weymouth, you would be able to see what life is like for this 20-something dancer from the Golden State. By doing so, you get to see who she follows and discover her hobbies and interests as well as theirs. The possibilities are endless, and it is why millions continue to show up every day, create a tweet or two, retweet a few others, and see what all of the people they are following are doing at the same time.