How Is Hampton Creek Working to Change Vegan Foods?

The vegan food industry has recently come under scrutiny because many of the products being marketed are not beneficial to the health of consumers. Although these foods may not contain animal products, this does not mean they are healthy. Many of these foods are full of chemicals that are not beneficial for the body. These food producers also sometimes fill their foods with fillers that make the process of production cheaper. This is why Hampton Creek is working to make a change in the way these foods are being produced. Through their research, they hope to encourage other food producers to make viable changes that will protect the environment and provide healthier ingredients for all types of food products on the market.

Hampton Creek is attempting to make food healthier for consumers by researching the many plants that can be used to replace animal products in foods. Although there have been many discoveries, one of their most promising has been a special pea protein that is able to effectively replace eggs in many types of recipes. Not only can this protein replace eggs for proper emulsification, it can also be scrambled just like a traditional egg.

Hampton Creek has created a large database of thousands of plant products that can potentially be used in food production. They are getting ready to release as many as 43 products on the market and are currently working on more than 500 different food products. They hope to one day be able to offer delicious meat and cheese substitutes for vegans to enjoy.

In the coming months, many retailers will be introducing Hampton Creek products on their shelves. Walmart and Super Target, along with the Dollar Store will be carrying some of these new products. Among those announced are pancakes, brownies, salad dressings, and dessert mixes. Many vegans are excited about these new additions and look forward to being able to try them for themselves. If you have never tried Hampton Creek, there is no better time to check out their website or Facebook page and learn about how they are changing the food world as we know it.