Hampton Creek: Superior Food Technology

In 2011 two well-educated, environmentally aware young businessmen decided to improve the world’s food supply. Josh Balk and Joshua Tetrick identified a need for healthy, delicious products made from responsibly sourced plants. The result was Hampton Creek, a San-Francisco based food company that has blended technology, professional food preparation and ecological science into a range of popular products.

The Egg Substitute That Started a Company

Hampton Creek’s first project was to create a plant-based egg substitute that is healthier than the original but tastes and acts the same. Working with experts, they soon developed a Beyond Eggs, a pea-protein based product. The business holds the patent for the cholesterol-free food as well as its manufacturing process. The product was designed so that it can be updated just like software. Soon company founders used Beyond Eggs as an ingredient in Just Mayo, a healthy alternative to mayonnaise.

Technology and Experts Spur Progress

As more investors became interested in backing the new food technology, Hampton Creek assembled unique teams to develop products. Experts included a former Google tech professional, world-class chefs and food scientists. These specialists work toward the goal of creating affordable, appealing, healthy products. They quickly developed Just Cookies and Just Cookie Dough. In the meantime, the business created a database. It is designed to identify plants that could be used as profitable, healthy cash crops and substitutes for animal-based ingredients.

Consumers Have Embraced New Products

With the success of its first products, Hampton Creek began distributing their foods in popular stores such as Whole Foods and Target, where the buying public embraced them. Hampton Creek is also working with Compass Group, a catering organization. The food technology business is now developing ice cream, dips and noodles as well as a plant product that could substitute for sugar. By mid 2016 the business plans to have 43 products on shelves. These include muffins, baking mixes, pancakes and a complete line of salad dressings.

Food technology business Hampton Creek uses science, research and food preparation specialists to create healthy products. Founded in 2011, the company has produced several popular, delicious plant-based products. They are currently developing dozens of new foods, which it will be available in popular stores.