Hampton Creek Seeks to Satisfy the Food Longings of Vegans

As a vegan, one of the most difficult tasks is avoiding the comfort foods that others can freely enjoy. Since vegans do not consume any animal products, they cannot eat foods that include eggs, animal fats, and milk. Unfortunately, this greatly diminishes the food choices a vegan has, making them miss out on cookies, cakes, and other tasty treats. One food producer has found a way to overcome this issue by finding plant products that are able to satisfactorily replace these animal products and allow consumers to enjoy a wide range of food choices.

When vegan food lovers talk about the foods they miss, one of them is cookies. Unfortunately, the vegan food market has not produced the greatest of options when it comes to cookie products. Most of the offerings have been dry, tasteless, and much like cardboard. This is why hampton Creek has created such a following for their products. With their Just Cookies and Just Cookie Dough, they have provided a delicious alternative to traditional cookies so vegans can enjoy these treats without fearing they are placing their health in danger.

The key to being able to produce delicious vegan food alternatives is plant research. This company has created a fully detailed plant database that has allowed them to offer viable options for animal product replacement in the food industry. Because of their consummate research, other food producers are now taking notice and working to make changes in their own food production.

What began with mayo has now erupted into a line of vegan food products that continues to grow. They have even created an egg substitute that will scramble just like traditional chicken eggs. This has been a welcome addition to the vegan food industry because, for a long time, there has been a major lack of vegan egg choices.

With ongoing research, the company owners hope to see continued change in the food industry with more and more vegan options being introduced. Because of their growing popularity, other food producers are working to make major changes by introducing new plant-based food products for vegans and other health-minded individuals to enjoy.