Hampton Creek Products Offer Vegan Products That Taste Great

Veganism is more than just a practice, it is also a philosophy. Locally grown foods are becoming more trendy, and people are paying more attention to what they are putting into their bodies. Processed foods contain many additives that are simply not good for anyone. Hampton Creek foods are making it easier to order vegan selections when in a restaurant setting. In a recent Salem News article, this company was mentioned for providing a mayonnaise alternative that is vegan and egg-free. Their Just Mayo is a better alternative than traditional mayonnaise because it is made without eggs, and this means that it is much lower in cholesterol. This company is becoming more popular because they create products that are plant-based.

Currently, there are three main products offered by this company. Just Mayo, Just Cookies and Just Cookie Dough. Each offering is plant-based and delicious. An interesting fact about their cookie dough is that it can safely be eaten raw because there are no eggs in it. This is perfect for cookie dough lovers everywhere. This company is becoming increasingly more popular, and their products can be found in stores such as Walmart, Whole Foods and Kroger. They have plans to add more products to their line in the very near future.

Hampton Creek Foods are constantly experimenting with recipes to add to their line. Their success is based on a simple principle. They wish to create plant-based foods that offer an alternative to traditional eggs. Their goal is to produce affordable products that closely resemble eggs in both texture and flavor. They believe that this would fill a need for consumers that hasn’t been met yet. It is exciting to see what this company comes up with next. They have experienced major growth since being founded in 2011.

More and more people are starting to read food labels more closely because they want to monitor what they are putting into their bodies. Plant-based foods that are affordable in price offer an excellent alternative from traditional choices. More people are making Vegan choices because they realize that it is better for them. These products can help to change the way people look at foods.