Hampton Creek Makes Life Easier for People With Food Allergies

More people are developing food allergies, and the problem is especially prevalent among children, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control. In fact, the rate of food allergies among youngsters went up by some 50 percent over the 14 years prior to 2011. In addition, more people are developing less worrisome sensitivities to foods that can still result in digestive problems and hay fever symptoms. Another problem involving the nation’s food supply is the increasing number of people diagnosed with celiac disease, a disorder that makes individuals intolerant to gluten. All these individuals may want to read more about Hampton Creek, a company that’s dedicated to producing convenience foods that are free of several common allergens.

The organization’s flagship product, a mayonnaise alternative that is very similar to that egg-based sandwich spread, dispenses with eggs altogether. That’s good news for families who want to enjoy mayonnaise on their sandwiches and in their tuna salad, but have kids with allergies to eggs. The majority of children outgrow egg allergies, but in the meantime, they must avoid this food. In addition, many must deal that allergy for a lifetime.

Just Mayo also doesn’t contain any soy, which is another common allergen. As with eggs, most kids outgrow this allergy, but parents have to be vigilant until then. So many processed foods contain soy as filler and as a protein substance that parents of an allergic child are forced to read labels every time they pick up a canned, boxed, frozen or bakery item. And as with eggs, many adults continue to be afflicted with a soy allergy. Commercial mayonnaise producers often include soybean oil, but Hampton Creek uses canola oil instead.

Mayonnaise normally doesn’t contain any gluten, but some commercial salad dressings do as a thickening agent. Soybean oil is a very common ingredient in salad dressings from the big food producers, and many of these products also contain eggs. Hampton Creek has released a new line of salad dressings and plans to include more flavors in the near future. That’s another way this company is making life easier for people dealing with food allergies.