Hampton Creek Makes It Easier to Serve Food to Vegan Guests

When someone in the family or in a group of friends decides to become a vegan, this can be confusing for everyone else. That’s especially the case when that individual is coming over for dinner or for a family gathering. It can be difficult enough figuring out what to serve a vegetarian, but what about someone who won’t eat any animal products whatsoever? Companies like Hampton Creek are working to make this an easier activity. For instance, dips for appetizers can be made with their mayonnaise alternative called Just Mayo, since it doesn’t contain any eggs. Spinach dip for crackers and Italian bread, along with French onion dip for veggies, create a nice platter of options for everyone at the get-together. A taco dip even can be made with soy vegan cheese, a thin layer of Just Mayo and lettuce, black olives, tomatoes and seasonings.

Vegans typically don’t mind if the host and hostess serve a main course of meat or fish as long as there is plenty of other food to eat. There might be a big serving of salad with high-quality greens, numerous other veggies, croutons and a choice of Hampton Creek salad dressings. Using these dressings assures the vegan guest that there won’t be any egg content, cream, yogurt or anchovies in the products. People who don’t want to eat animal-based substances know that they create inconvenience for others, and they appreciate not having to quiz anyone about what processed foods are being used and what ingredients they contain.

What about dessert? Hampton Creek comes to the rescue again. There’s no need to make something from scratch for the guest who doesn’t eat eggs or dairy. Instead, the refrigerated Just Cookie Dough lets the hostess scoop out chocolate chip cookie dough from the container onto a metal sheet and put it in a hot oven. It’s that simple. An additional option would be to make brownies from a boxed mix supplied by this company. Of course, the mix doesn’t contain animal substances nor does it require the inclusion of any. Everyone feels satiated after a delicious meal and some chocolate afterward.