Hampton Creek Makes All Vegetable Based Foods

Since its start in 2011, Hampton Creek has been the food technology company to watch. The founders, Joshua Tetrick and Josh Balk, wanted to improve the global food system with a company that produced only plant-based foods. Not just any plant-based foods, but healthy, good-tasting plant-based foods. From the beginning they set out to build a huge database of research into thousands of plants. The reason they wanted to create the world’s largest plant database, was to find all the plants around the world that they could use in their healthy products.

This hampton creek research into plants led to new ways to utilize many plants in a variety of food products. Once they found a large enough base of usable plants, they contacted farmers around the world to grow these crops for them. The farmers had new cash crops and hampton creek could start to manufacture their first plant based foods. They started marketing the first products under the names of Beyond Eggs, Just Mayo, Just Cookies, and Just Cookie Dough and by 2014 these products had found shelf space in large food stores such as Whole Foods, Costco, Safeway, Walmart, The Dollar Store, and Kroger. The Compass Group serves meals in schools and industrial settings in fifty countries and it uses many of the Hampton Creek products.

This food technology company is trying to make products that use plant-based ingredients to replace sugar, conventional food dyes, trans fats, MSG, and other animal products. These products must taste good and be healthy to eat. Vegetarians and people with allergies to various animal-based ingredients or chemical additives can safely eat these foods. One of their most popular plant-based products is their “Beyond Eggs”. This egg substitute can replace eggs in many baked goods, sauces, and salad dressings. This egg substitute tastes and acts like eggs in cooking and works very well in commercial baking mixes. Some of the companies newest products are Just Scramble, salad dressings, and baking mixes. Two of the plant-based ingredients they have been using are yellow peas and sorghum. They found 13 plants that could be made into their products to begin with and have continued testing more of the 400,000 known species of plants in the world. For more information, go to the website.