Hampton Creek Foods and Others Show That Vegan Food Does Not Have to Be Boring

With many more people today exploring the worlds of vegetarianism and veganism, food producers are taking notice. It used to be that those who swore off meat or animal-derived foods entirely were faced with some limited options. While many vegetarians and vegans today still enjoy the beans and other healthful, plant-based foods that have long been identified with those dietary lifestyles, though, most also seek out more exciting options, as well.

Increasingly often, that means being able to obtain foods that live up to vegetarian or vegan standards while also providing a convincing imitation of another food that would clearly not do so. For example, many of the meatless patties on the market today make great burgers in their own right, while some of these also might easily be mistaken for actual hamburger. In fact, it is often even possible to obtain meat substitutes that can be worked into meat-oriented recipes with great results and nothing in the way of adjustment.

While advancements of these kinds have made the lives of many vegans and vegetarians much easier and more pleasant, some even more important ones have been happening to somewhat less notice. Instead of just tackling the focal points of the average meal, as they mostly used to, a new generation of food producers have been looking into ways of creating satisfying vegan or vegetarian condiments and other culinary building blocks.

The company hampton creek foods, for example, has caused a stir in the market recently with the introduction of its entirely vegan mayonnaise substitute. Although there were some marketing related regulatory hurdles to clear, the product has become a great hit among vegans nationwide, with many preferring it to the real thing.

In fact, that imitation of normally egg-heavy mayonnaise has actually started making progress with even those who do not typically keep such ingredients out of their diets. With many things going for it already, the product has to be considered a success when even people who stand well outside of its target market start taking notice. A more ambitious and open-minded approach to the possibilities of vegan food production, it turns out, can deliver some real benefits.