Hampton Creek: Changing the Dinner Table for Families Everywhere

It isn’t always easy to get a meal on the table. At the end of a hectic day of work, getting everyone together is a challenge. Then it takes time to put together great ingredients that meet the family’s taste preferences and health needs. It isn’t surprising that many families are stuck with instant meals that are quick and easy but lack nutritional value. But what if it was possible to bring plant-based foods to the table without hurting the budget or the taste buds? Hampton Creek is working hard to completely transform the dinner table and make sure that everyone has better options to choose from.


When a person heads to the grocery store, it’s tough to choose healthy options. The first thing stopping individuals from choosing organic or foods comprised of plant-based alternatives is the price. Most people can’t fit the extra cost into their monthly grocery budget. But the company is working to find a way to offer better food at a price that most people can afford. This could completely transform the way that families shop in the future. Already its current offerings are making a difference in what consumers are picking up at the store.


It doesn’t matter if plant-based foods are more affordable if they don’t taste good. While adults might try to struggle through it, kids can be tough critics of foods that don’t offer the taste and texture they expect. So the goal is to create plant based foods that can mimic other ingredients. For example,the company has created a plant-based combination of ingredients that not only taste like an actual egg, but also imitate it texture. This provides an opportunity to transform breakfast in the morning. Imagine kids enjoying “eggs” that are really made with ingredients like peas.

Current Products

Beyond Eggs is just one accomplishment that the company can hang its hat on. Just Mayo, released just months after the egg substitute, continued to demonstrate the company’s dedication and commitment to bringing consumers healthy alternatives to the traditional grocery choices. Just Cookie Dough and Just Cookies is continuing to show what is possible when a company sets its mind to accomplishing something big.