Hampton Creek and the Food Revolution

Mark Twain once said that everyone talks about the weather, but no one does anything about it; and some people feel the same way about food. For example, in 2011 two enterprising young men noted long-standing problems with the world’s food supply chain. They decided to do something about it. Joshua Tetrick and Josh Balk founded hampton Creek foods and began a food revolution. To date they have developed expert research teams, a plant database and several healthy new products.

An Egg Replacement Paved the Way

The first project that Hampton Creek founders assigned themselves was finding a healthy egg substitute. Realizing that the animal-based product is used is hundreds of dishes, they set out to find plant-based alternatives. In a short time they had Beyond Eggs, a product that uses yellow pea protein as its base. The product acts and looks like chicken eggs but can be updated. Developers can create new versions, just like software companies do when they want to introduce improved technology.

The Public Benefits From Different Perspectives

Hampton Creek’s development teams consist of experts whose backgrounds might seem very different at first glance. The company has hired top programmers, scientists, chefs, as well as the usual business professionals. These specialists have worked together to develop healthy, delicious and affordable new products. Their goal is to provide foods that are so appealing that consumers choose them over the animal-based products they now prefer. In other words, the public will become healthier and enjoy the process. The business is already selling popular, healthy Just Mayo, Just Cookies and Just Cookie Dough.

Ongoing Research Is Spurring Progress

Programmers working for Hampton Creek have developed a huge database that has allowed the company to examine plants from all over the world. They are constantly investigating sustainable crops that farmers can profit from when they are sold to make healthy products. They are currently working on plant-based Just Mustard, Just French, Just Muffins, Just Pancakes and Just Cake. There is even a healthy sugar substitute in the works.

Food technology experts at Hampton Creek Foods are working to change the world’s food supply. The company is already marketing several sustainable, great-tasting products and is working on more. Their goal is to identify cash crops that can be used to provide the world with an unending supply of appealing, healthy food.