Hampton Creek Adds Integrity to an industry of Mixed Messages

Wal-Mart and Target (particularly the former) may not be the most reputable companies around. They use arguably shady practices to grow their business, and both have been at the forefront of many controversies over the last decade or two. But, to get major exposure as a product, a company must often settle with who is out there reaching the consumers on a grand scale.

Hampton Creek is one exception. They really haven’t had to settle a lot of anything to get into these industry-leading juggernauts. The demand for plant-based foods is there. Target and Wal-Mart are seeking companies to fill that void. Hampton Creek began with Just Mayo- a plant-based mayo product. But, they have 43 products slated for release in the coming months that will further broaden the appeal and scale of plant-based foods. The company is only answering the demand of the consumers. Wal-Mart understands this. They are opening their arms at an unprecedented level to engage with an industry that largely rejected in the past.

Interestingly, Hampton Creek may be a science-oriented company first and foremost. They expend many resources trying to find plant-based alternatives to food items that rely on meat and dairy. They do so in laboratories, and meticulously combine and alternate formulas to perfect the taste without losing the audience. One common complaint is that the vegetarian alternatives lack the punch of their meat-based forebearers. It is vital for Hampton Creek to continue to improve quality, and not just slap together some products to meet demand. It is a delicate juggling act, further complicated by the presence of Wal-Mart.

The all the new products from Hampton creek ranges from salad dressings to pancakes. They dip into all meals of the day. They also promote a healthy lifestyle- one that is natural and exceptional. There are, admittedly, some confusing messages occurring in the industry. The differences between natural and vegan are substantial, but not well advertised. But, with large exposure through retail giants, Hampton Creek hopes to bring the products to the largest audience in the easiest way. Through that, they will answer questions and promote healthy eating.