Good Reasons for the Increasing Popularity of Green Tea in the West

For thousands of years, human beings have enjoyed, and even revered, all that tea has to offer. A soothing beverage that nonetheless provides a pleasant jolt of energy to those who consume it, tea has been credited, over the millennia, with everything from improving mental well-being to stretching out the lifespans of habitual drinkers. Even if these traditional plaudits are sometimes overstated, modern scientific research has revealed plenty of reasons to respect the health-enhancing effects of tea, a substance that is, for example, undeniably rich in cancer-inhibiting antioxidants.

Because of this, more people than ever before are seeking rewarding ways to add the power of tea to their own lives. Tea comes in a number of basic forms and in countless varietals, each combination of which yields up particular slates of potential health benefits and characters.

For a long time, by far the most common tea in the West was the heavily processed kind known as “black.” Left to cure in the sun until the tea leaves wither and give up most of their moisture, this tea has the most intense flavor and packs the greatest caffeinated punch. While black tea does have plenty of health benefits, the curing process robs the tea of much of what makes it sought after by so many people today.

Instead, more people looking to draw from tea all that it can offer seek out the kind that has traditionally been most prized in Asia. Green tea is delivered to consumers in relatively unadulterated form, merely undergoing a quick, gentle drying process that does not greatly change the composition of the leaves.

Tea of this kind produces a subtler, more delicate brew than the more concentrated black tea does, but this form of the beverage is far richer in antioxidants and similarly desirable substances. The best green tea brand on the market might deliver anywhere from several to dozens of times more of these health-enhancing chemicals than common black tea does, making it a far better option for those who are interested in such things. Add to this the fact that many tea fans learn to appreciate the subtle flavors of green tea even more than the blunt ones of black tea, and it is easy to see why this kind of tea is becoming so popular even outside of its traditional strongholds.