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The Benefits of Using Hydro Seeding Over Traditional Methods Lawn aesthetics and restoration is one of the most common residential activities these days. If you want your grass to grow healthy, check out hydro seeding. This process uses a combination of mulch and seed and may also include fertilizers, dye, and other agents. The mixture will then be delivered to your property through a trailer or a truck and it will then be sprayed into the ground to ensure that the mixture will be contributed well. If your lawn is larger than usual, the provider may offer aircraft application to spray the mixture.
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Back in the 1950s, hydro seeding was only popular in the commercial realm. These days, residential communities are starting to appreciate the advantages this method has to offer over traditional procedures. Aside from commercial sites such as golf courses, hydro seeding is now a very popular process for residential lawns. Check out the reasons why people love this modern method. First of all, hydro seeding produces quicker and more effective results. If the grounds are properly watered and in good condition, the temperature is not over 62 degrees, grass will start growing at around 7 days. Under normal conditions, you will start seeing grass sprouting in around 3-4 weeks. Sodding is practically more common than hydro seeding for some. One of the reasons why more residential communities are opting for hydro seeding is because it is more cost-effective. When you do the math, it will show you that even if you install sod on your own, the expenses will be bigger than when you go for hydro seeding, which offers installation processes. Erosion is a huge problem that some communities around the country are experiencing. Through hydro seeding, communities can now help control soil erosion problems. Another thing people love about hydro seeding is it has a longer life compared to sod. Sod has the tendency so dry out but mulch mixtures can withstand longer spraying processes. Basically, mulch mixtures, because of they stay intact for longer periods, can protect your grass from different kinds of plant diseases that could bring serious problems in the future. Spraying is the method that hydro seeding uses. Through spraying, the mixture is thoroughly distributed, which means no part of the lawn is missed. Clumpy or uneven grass growth is never a problem when you go for hydro seeding. You are always sure that the grass grows evenly, providing your family with a nice and clean spot to spend time on. When you’re looking for hydro seeding providers, make sure you opt for a company that has a clean background, one that is well-recommended by your neighbors and friends, and one that is well-experienced in the field. This way, you know that you’re entrusting the property to professionals who will bring out the best in your lawn.