Getting Help If You Have Been Injured

There are many different types of personal injury claims Actions are not limited to car accidents and slip and falls. For example, there are cases where ceilings have fallen and injured people. Property owners have a duty to keep their premises safe and that includes the ceiling. Ceiling accidents may cause serious injuries including paralysis and traumatic brain injuries. They may even result in a tragic death.

If you or someone you know has been injured this way, visit Source: Don’t let the property owner off the hook. He or she is responsible for the following:

  • failing to fix a leaky ceiling
  • failing to remove snow from the roof
  • violation of building codes
  • repairing structural ceiling damage

An experienced lawyer investigates and finds out what caused the ceiling accident. The northeast has particularly bad winters. Further, there is always a lot of snow and ice. Property owners are required to clean up snow and ice so patrons don’t slip and fall. Falls on ice and snow cause dangerous concussions, broken limbs and joint pain. Property owners are required to:

  • clear sidewalks, parking lots, stairs and walkways
  • ice should be salted or sanded
  • fresh snow-melt needs to be salted or sanded
  • not pile snow in locations that limit visibility

Another dangerous mishap is falling down a flight of stairs. Falls, including down a flight of stairs, are a major cause of accidental deaths. There are many laws regarding how stairs should be built and maintained. Unfortunately, property owners try to cut corners wherever they can. Accident victims are entitled to compensation if a lawyer proves the stairs were unsafe. Falling down a flight of stairs can cause broken bones, concussions and chronic pain. Dangerous conditions on stairs include:

  • missing or loose handrail
  • broken or loose steps
  • floor coverings that aren’t nailed down and cause people to slip
  • stairs not constructed to building codes
  • failure to remove hazardous objects

Any of these personal injury matters can result in lost wages and medical bills. That is why it is important to hire a lawyer who is experienced in negotiating with insurance companies. Make sure your rights are protected.