Finding Out More About Egg-Free Food Producer Hampton Creek on Crunchbase

People who are interested in eliminating eggs from their diet often seek out products that have egg substitutes, such as egg-free sandwich spread and cookie dough. Food suppliers know they need to provide these items to satisfy customers who choose to avoid eggs for various reasons. They may want to look up hampton creek on Crunchbase and learn more about the company and its very first product: Beyond Eggs, a powdered plant-based egg replacement.

To date, the organization’s most popular product is the sandwich spread called Just Mayo. A significant development for the company occurred when convenience store chain 7-Eleven announced it would only use this particular product on foods provided at its store that would otherwise contain mayonnaise. Management found that customers like the flavor, and there’s also concern about the rising cost of mayonnaise due to a shortage of eggs that developed in 2015. That shortage was due to an outbreak of bird flu, something that will not affect plant-based sandwich spread.

People who look for egg-free items may have quit eating all animal-based foods or they may only choose to eat eggs when they know the hens were raised in a cruelty-free environment. Some of these consumers have an allergy to eggs or develop digestive upset when eating these food items. Others are worried about their cholesterol levels. There also may be concerns about the safety of eggs in general, as people continue to become more aware of salmonella in chickens and in eggs. These individuals may worry about chickens being fed antibiotics and other unwanted substances that could make their way into eggs.

Hampton Creek management members know they must reach a larger segment of the population than people who are vegan and those who are allergic to eggs. Those individuals comprise a relatively small percentage of consumers. Instead, the company seeks to create all-natural food items that taste just as good, or even better, than their egg-based counterparts. They also make those products available at affordable prices, knowing that people tend to vote on food choices with their wallets. The company’s success indicates that it’s on the right track.