Everyone Can Enjoy Hampton Creek Egg-Free, Dairy-Free Mayonnaise

When most people think about mayonnaise, they think of a high fat spread used mainly for sandwiches, consisting basically of a combination of eggs, oil, and vinegar. Different flavors or spices may be added to this well known spread so that it can be used in foods such as potato or pasta salad, dips or even canned tuna or chicken salad. Unfortunately for vegans, those limiting their fat and cholesterol or anyone allergic to eggs, conventional mayonnaise has been off limits. But now, with the delicious Egg-Free, Dairy-Free Just Mayo product, made from Hampton Creek, mayonnaise and all the delicious foods it can be used in, are back on the playing field again. By following Hampton Creek’s Facebook page, it’s easy to learn about new and delicious recipe ideas.

Just Mayo lets everyone enjoy the taste of mayonnaise without including any eggs or dairy products. Instead of eggs, yellow pea protein is used in the mayonnaise, giving it the familiar color, texture and taste. Hampton Creek’s mayonnaise comes in four delicious flavors, depending on the need of the consumer. The flavors include: original, garlic, sriracha and chipotle flavor. The flavored mayonnaise can easily add extra flavor to foods with no extra work. Whether eating the mayonnaise straight on a sandwich or mixed into a big bowl of potato salad, this mayonnaise will taste great and allow everyone to enjoy the food, without any of the dietary concerns that may come from standard mayonnaise products.

With the popularity of Hampton Creek foods growing, Just Mayo and other “good for you” products from the Hampton Creek line are available at various retailers across the nation. Walmart, Target, Whole Foods and Publix, are a few of the retailers carrying this line of products. The Compass Group, a food service company that serves Hampton Creek foods, provides them in a variety of hospitals, public schools, universities and stadiums. In addition to the mayonnaise, Hampton Creek hopes to roll out an egg substitute, crackers, baking mix and pasta in the very near future. All these items will all use plant proteins, making them acceptable for vegans and non-vegans alike.